Jumptap: Kindle Fire now grabs 1/3 of tablet traffic

The tech world awaits Apple’s (s aapl) next big tablet launch on Wednesday, but unlike last year, the iPad has a formidable competitor in Amazon’s (s amzn) upstart, the Kindle Fire. Mobile ad provider Jumptap said data gathered through its network over the last three months indicates that the Kindle Fire has grown to 33 percent of tablet traffic in January, up from 20 percent in December and 4 percent in November when it launched. And the Fire’s rise has taken a bite out of the iPad, which has seen its mobile traffic drop from 65 percent in November to 48 percent in January.

According to Jumptap’s latest MobileSTAT report, the launch of the Fire has helped increase overall tablet traffic by an average of 50 percent through January. Tablet traffic on the whole still only represents 10 percent of Jumptap’s total network traffic.

The next iPad’s launch Wednesday will no doubt shift more momentum back toward iOS. But the Kindle Fire is showing that it is not just a cheap plaything. According to the data, people are actually using it despite its rougher edges compared to the iPad. In January, Flurry noted that the Kindle Fire had just barely eclipsed the Galaxy Tab as the most used Android tablet (s goog). Based on Jumptap’s figures, it looks like the Fire has outpaced the rest of the Android pack.

Jumptap derives its MobileSTAT data by tracking the advertising that appears on its mobile network, which reaches 95 million users in the U.S. and 21,000 apps and websites. The ad network also found that Android and iOS represent 91 percent of the mobile OS market, with Android enjoying 58.8 percent of mobile market share while iOS follows with 32.2 percent. Both operating systems experienced a bump of activations following the holiday season. BlackBerry (s rimm) continues to fade and now represents just 6.7 percent of the network market share while Symbian (s nok) (1.5 percent) and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile (s msft) (0.5 percent) trailed even further behind.