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Machinima is YouTube’s content king

If you’re not into video games, chances are you’ve never heard of Machinima. Maybe it’s time to change that: The L.A.-based content producer clocked close to 350 million domestic video views on YouTube(s GOOG) in January alone, according to new data from comScore. This not only makes Machinima YouTube’s biggest non-music publisher — it actually attracted more video views than the next seven big publishers combined.

Check out a complete list of the top 10 publishers on YouTube in January, according to comScore(s SCOR):

Total unique viewers (000) Videos (000)
Machinima 23,799 347,380
Maker Studios 12,505 135,301
FullScreen 11,579 50,292
Big Frame 8,167 42,106
BroadbandTV 8,016 29,695
Bigpoint 7,864 43,146
Blizzard 7,572 13,021
Demand Media 7,296 19,804
Schmooru 7,124 29,365
Collective Digital Studio 6,763 55,359

Note: This data doesn’t include Vevo, which is tracked separately by comScore. It also just lists views and viewers in the U.S. Worldwide, Machinima had 1.3 billion monthly views and 149 million uniques in January.

Our long-time contributor Liz Shannon Miller recently did an interview with Machinima CEO Allen DeBevoise. Here’s how DeBevoise explained his company’s success on YouTube:

Two elements were key to Machinima building that following — first, its approach to platforms, focusing exclusively on YouTube instead of diversifying. “We decided not to put all our content on every platform, instead saying ‘let’s just get this one right,’” DeBevoise said. Machinima currently has over 4.1 million subscribers on the platform.

Machinima is also part of YouTube’s new channel initiative, which was officially announced last October. The other participants of the initiative may not be as big as Machinima, and many of the participating channels only launched in the last few weeks, so it’s a little too early draw any conclusions anyway. However, early data from participants like Phil DeFranco and the VlogBrothers already looks very promising.

3 Responses to “Machinima is YouTube’s content king”

  1. The bot can push a video to the top of the most viewed in 30 minutes, then it is turned off, unless the person running it forgets. ( youtube dot com/infrared68 )

    The bot was used with the last 2 weeks during the dispute between the gameplay channels and the Reply Girls, with all sides using bots to push the videos carrying their POV to the top of the most viewed. No one is denying this. Machinima, BlueXephos and FPSrussia all used bots in that fight.

    If you ask YouTube about the bot they will tell you that it hasn’t been fixed. Ever. There are no view stats in YouTube’s entire history that can be trusted or verified. Ever.

    Did anyone reading this really think that children wanted to watch other children playing video games instead of playing the games themselves?

    Did anyone actually think that a pretend Russian shooting a gun was any different than all the other people posting gun videos since YouTube went live?

    If you use a bot to get onto the most viewed on YouTube you will amass an subscriber base of a couple of million out of YouTube’s 100 million users no matter what the content of your video is. That is all these heroic companies have done. Content isn’t king on YouTube, spam and cheating is.

    YouTube changed the site so that only the 4 top spots on the most viewed list are worth anything significant and botters are competing against each other for those spots. The only thing keeping them in check is the risk of getting spotted.

    Since view sellers outside YouTube and YouTube/Google ad-buys are all gaming video view counts, the chances of getting caught are slim. People just assume that the “gaming” is the legal ad-buy sort.

    They say cream and bastards rise. Be careful which title you give to which person.

  2. No bots

    On the bots comment, I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think they use bots. Also 50 million views/day is 1.5 billion views per month. That’s more than the entire top 10 publishers combined???