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What’s most precious to The Hobbit? Broadband!

Shooting and sharing movie footage all over New Zealand makes for connectivity challenges, but the crew of The Hobbit is making do. But not with magic; heck, even a powerful wizard such as Gandalf has limitations.

Instead, portable satellite dishes and more than six kilometers of cable (so far) provide the mobile broadband and IT solutions. Jump to the 4:35 mark of this behind the scenes video to get a brief peek at how this is working and what it’s used for:

Even though the movie takes place in the Third Age of Middle Earth, in this day and age, hobbits, dwarves and wizards need their connectivity for Facebook and such. So the crew has wireless access during off-times. More important is how broadband equips the camera and production crew to work while mobile.

Footage can be captured on set in one location and then beamed directly to a central area for directors to view. If the scene isn’t quite right, it can quickly be adjusted and reshot as needed. Given that multiple crews are working in various locations across New Zealand, broadband is enabling directors to get even from afar the exact shots they envision. Not even Gollum could be upset about that.