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The weekend review: Facebook skeptics and mobile everything

GigaOM Pro readers are still focused on the tablet market: “Updated: Forecasting the tablet market: over 377 million units by 2016,” J. Gerry Purdy’s extensive five-year overview, continues to be one of our most-read pieces of content this week. Now with freshly revised stats and figures, the updated report posits an even greater number of tablets hitting the consumer and enterprise markets and has elicited reader response for its pessimistic expectations toward certain hardware manufacturers and software vendors, such as Microsoft.

Next, Mathew Ingram’s “The real issue behind Facebook’s IPO: How much bigger can the company get?” takes a hard look at the company’s prospects for continued growth. With some sources citing a possible $100 billion, Ingram questions some of Facebook’s shortcomings, especially in the realm of e-commerce and its mixed successes as an advertising and marketing platform.

And finally, Ryan Kim’s “Defining the mobile wallet: what it is, why it matters” looks at the mobile payment landscape, which is quickly shaping up to be this year’s hotly contested battleground (just take a look at the topic’s popularity at upcoming conferences like SXSW). With products from Google and Isis on the horizon, Kim also looks at what’s happening in the startup space, what major financial institutions are developing, and how existing programs are performing.

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