Today in Connected Consumer

Not unexpectedly, essentially every broadcaster in New York has filed suit against startup Aereo, which plans to offer broadcast channels in the New York market via streaming for $12 a month. The broadcasters claim the plan violates their copyrights by redistributing their programs without a license. For reasons that aren’t fully clear yet, the broadcasters filed two separate suits, one brought by the owners of stations affiliated with Fox, the CW, Univision and PBS, and a one brought by the owners of the local ABC, CBS and NBC stations. The complaint in the first case is available online here. Aereo has issued a statement claiming neither suit has merit. “Consumers are legally entitled to access broadcast television via an antenna and they are entitled to record television content for their personal use,” the statement said. “Aereo provides technology that enables consumers to use their cloud DVR and their remote antenna to record and watch the broadcast television signal to which they are entitled anywhere they are, whether on a phone, a tablet, a television or a laptop.” See you in court.