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What Is The Future Of Books?

In three words, here’s what nine writers and thinkers said…

This graphic originally appeared at writing blog Winning Edits. You can follow the writers and thinkers cited here on Twitter: Seth Godin / J.A. Konrath / Mark Coker / Barry Eisler / Dan Blank / Guy L. Gonzalez / Jane Friedman / Porter Anderson / Matt Gartland.

4 Responses to “What Is The Future Of Books?”

  1. For me, I’ll buy my favorite authors in hardback to keep in my house and others that are “taking a chance” or would be paperbacks, I’ll read on a reader. My books are as much a decoration in my living room as the paint and throws.

  2. For reference books and novels, digital has to be the way to go. Easier and more disposable.

    But there has to be room for the more visual type of material…….? Or is that just the old man in me hanging on….

    I think the interactive capability that having books in digital form, making it easier to update, get more information and interact with will be the thing that drives the digital take up versus the old paper copy. It also is more environmental?