Inside Apple’s museum-like Amsterdam store


Credit: Thomas Schlijper

It’s no see-through glass exterior, but Apple’s(s aapl) new Amsterdam Apple Store is still offering some pretty good retail eye-candy. The overall motif, with white walls and classic, ornate architectural details, seems to call for marble statues rather than electronics on display. But you’ve still got the Apple design mainstays that let you know exactly where you are: the marble floors, modern wood tables and — of course — the clear-glass spiral staircase.

The Amsterdam location, which opens Saturday, is the first Apple Store in The Netherlands, which means Apple now has stores in 12 countries.

Fore more pictures, see Thomas Schlijper’s website.


David Michael

This new Apple store looks amazing. Apple always finds a way to put function and appearance together and this store is no different. I would go to Amsterdam to check out this store, and I think that is what they were striving for. Apple creates the best products that are the best looking.

mike mishura

1st in Netherlands? What about the store in Den Haag?

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