March 7 it is: Apple confirms iPad event


Just now Apple (s aapl) confirmed what had been rumored for weeks: that it will be hosting one of its signature product introduction events on March 7. Without specifically saying they will be discussing the iPad, the invitation hints, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

The picture included in the invitation shows what appears to be the bottom dock of an iPad. And as many have observed, the screen resolution looks a good bit sharper than the display of the iPad 2. A hint at the long-expected (and long-wished for) Retina Display?

What else can we expect of the next-generation iPad? Upgraded chips, better cameras, slightly thicker body and perhaps 4G connectivity.

We’ll find out the whole story at the event, which will be held at Apple favorite The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, as reported earlier by AllThingsD.

It starts at 10 a.m. GigaOM, as always, will be there to cover the event live.



Is it me or do the icons look much larger than the icons on an iPad???

Must be an iTV or iMac Touch.


Apple bought a plastics company, some kind of super hard molding. Can’t remember all the details. Might be using this new technology.


Okay, so they want us to “see” something. However, that “see” product also has touchscreen capabilities.

People, I’m actually think that’s the iTV in that pic. The bezel looks more TV-like than iPad.

Again, why say “And touch.” since we 100% already know an iPad is a touchscreen?


Everyone seems to be missing the fact that the device pictured appears to have a black bezel and not the typical aluminum of previous models? Am I just crazy or does it appear to be a black anodized finish? Maybe it’s the long rumored carbon fiber back that Apple had considered at one point. Who knows? Maybe it’s not an iPad at all, could be a touch screen Apple iTV device.

Christian Michael Gehrke

Upgraded iMac? I am about to buy one and just waiting to see if they come out with something new.

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