Ze Frank is back… on Kickstarter


Ze Frank, one of the very first better-known video bloggers, is getting ready for a comeback. Frank, who pioneered video blogging in 2006 with a show he simply called the show, is using Kickstarter to raise $50,000 to get back into the web video world.

From his Kickstarter project post:

“To start, I want to produce around three episodes a week for a year and take it from there. I want this to be fun and to last for a while. I figure that I will launch sometime at the end of March, near to the 6th anniversary of the original show. All of the funds raised here will go towards the production of the show – equipment, salaries for people that will help me, rent. I will find other ways to pay myself.”

Frank only produced his original show for a year and stopped posting episodes in 2007, but he clearly still has a lot of fans. His Kickstarter page showed pledges for more than $25,000 – or half of his original goal – just two hours after it went up.

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