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Where are this year’s Oscar nominees online? Not on Netflix

No matter how much the Hollywood ecosystem might change, there will always be the Academy Awards. Oscar tends to favor movies released in the last few months of the year, so even while release windows are getting narrower these days, many of the top contenders for Best Picture and other awards are a while off from being available.

But some nominees have been out long enough to be available on digital platforms. And here is a list of them:

Film Nominated for Amazon iTunes Netflix
Beginners Best Supporting Actor Here Here n/a
A Better Life Best Actor Here Here n/a
Bridesmaids Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay Here Here n/a
Hell and Back Again Best Documentary Here Here Here
The Help   Best Picture, others Here Here n/a
The Ides of March Best Adapted Screenplay Here Here n/a
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front Best Documentary Here Here Here
Kung Fu Panda 2 Best Animated Film Here Here n/a
Margin Call Best Original Screenplay Here Here n/a
Midnight in Paris Best Picture, others Here Here n/a
Moneyball Best Picture, others Here Here n/a
Puss in Boots Best Animated Film n/a Here n/a
Rango Best Animated Film Here Here n/a
The Tree of Life Best Picture, others Here Here n/a
Warrior Best Supporting Actor Here Here n/a

You don’t need perfect vision to notice that this year, Netflix (s NFLX) is lagging on the nominees front, with only two nominated documentaries being available on the service. However, there is some good news for Netflix subscribers: Thanks to The Weinstein Company’s recent pact with Netflix, expect to see nominated films The Artist, My Week With Marilyn, The Iron Lady and Undefeated available on the streaming service soon.

In addition, all the nominated short films are available on iTunes. (s AAPL)

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Davidlohr Bueso

14 Responses to “Where are this year’s Oscar nominees online? Not on Netflix”

  1. Doucet, D

    Um, isn’t this an apples and oranges comparison? iTunes and Amazon are purchase or rental video on demand (VOD) and Netflix is subscription video on demand(SVOD).

    A fairer comparison is Amazon Prime Instant vs. Xfinity Streampix vs. Netflix. Or something like that.

    Shouldn’t you know this?

  2. Chris Knowlton

    Another place to find content is Except for “If a Tree Falls…”, Zune appears to have all of the other items on your list available for instant streaming.

  3. Rene Amador

    I think Netflix is deciding what I watch more than the Academy is. I’m usually a big believer of the Oscars, but this year I think we filmmakers as a whole need to reevaluate what we’re doing because the showing is very sad and the public attention is moving past cinema. I mean, Billy Crystal is the host…

  4. Tony Camilli

    For a true, 1:1 comparison, you should only compare RENTALS of the movies (several of the Amazon and iTunes links are for purchase only). Netflix still comes out significantly on the losing end, but it paints a more accurate picture.

    • rick gregory

      Precisely this. I click on those links and I get the option to BUY the films. Usually for a price that’s double a month of Netflix. So, sure, wow, they will sell me their movie. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nice, but it’s NOT the same as getting streaming access.

      I would bet that Netflix could do a tier of recent release streaming movies, but it won’t be $8 a month. How many people would pay $30, $40 or more for that every month?

  5. A. Nony Mouse

    And asall of the links to iTunes tells me not available in. The NZ store, we don’t have Netflix and amazon have no video store in my region, I wonder where I will get my digital copies? And this a vinous,y won’t cost them anything in lost sales, as the studios don’t have any intention to sell in this region digitally.


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