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Snapshot: The many moving parts of enterprise mobility

Going mobile in an enterprise sounds sexy, but there’s far more to it than just handing out smartphones and tablets to employees. Symphony Teleca, created by the merger of two companies this month, offers up this infographic to highlight the necessary moving parts of a complete enterprise mobility strategy.

Efforts range far beyond actual devices, encompassing in-house mobile-specific app stores and platforms, device management, telecom decisions, analytics and more. That’s a bit more than I recall from my I.T. days when carrying an alpha-numeric pager I wore was considered the honored badge of mobility!

2 Responses to “Snapshot: The many moving parts of enterprise mobility”

  1. Dennis D. McDonald

    Great infographic but it focuses on a traditional IT tools/hardware/control/infrastructure orientation. That’s necessary stuff but I would start this all with an assessment of what the mobile devices are actually going to be used for and how they relate to the other resources at the user’s disposal. That should drive the IT and control strategy. See “Toward a Definition of Enterprise Mobility, Part 1: Key Dimensions”