Viddy pulled from the Apple App Store for adult material


Mobile video sharing app Viddy has been apparently been pulled from the Apple App Store(s AAPL) not long after quickly rising up the ranks of free video and camera applications available for the iPhone. A Viddy spokesperson confirmed that the removal was due to concerns over adult material that was being posted on the app, and that the startup was working with Apple to resolve the matter.

Viddy is one of a large number of mobile video-sharing apps that have popped up over the last year or so. The goal is to enable users to take advantage of the high-quality video cameras in their pockets and to share moments with friends, hopefully to become a type of “Instagram for video.” Viddy is one of the most well-funded in the category, with a $6 million Series A round from Battery Ventures, Greycroft Ventures and Qualcomm that closed a few weeks ago. It’s also gotten some buy-in from major content providers like Disney, which it partnered with for the release of the new Muppets movie.

The Viddy app has recently seen its usage climb over the last few days and weeks — yesterday it was one of the top five apps in the App Store’s photo and video category. And while the startup has touted celebrity users like Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park and Bill Cosby as key to its early success, I recently received a tip that Viddy users might actually be looking for some less savory material being posted by users. (For what it’s worth, I wasn’t the only one tipped off — it looks like Business Insider’s Steve Kovach was also notified of some of the same activity.)

I took a look at the app and some of its top users. And while I failed to see anything that I would call full-on porn, there’s certainly a lot of suggestive material floating around. Take a look at the most-popular users, and they’re all female, all attractive. A lot of what I saw was just eye candy; you know, a hot girl talking to the camera, etc. But then there’s also a ton of booty shaking. Viddy basically taught me what “twerking” is.

The Viddy spokesperson tells me that the app has some tools in place to filter adult material, and users have the ability to flag videos that might be questionable. However, those filters don’t appear to have been enough to please Apple, with whom Viddy is “working diligently” to resolve the issue.



I’ve never seen anything on Viddy cross the line into sexually explicit. People are missing out on a quality app and video content sharing platform.


not like you cannot find the same content on twitter…. very strange ….


Viddy is not the villain here. I can show you ‘porn’ apps all through the app store. How many sex position apps would you like me to name? Bring Viddy back Apple!

Skip Fredricks

Apple Sucks!! Lets hoard cash, Not pay dividends to share holders. Lets actually work Chinese workers to ‘death’ oh and lets decide what content we want people to see on ‘their’ apps on ‘their’ phones. I wonder if the guy who is censoring the apps, is some closet perv from Utah jerking his junk. Hey Apple ‘worry about how clean your own house is’ and stay the efff out of mine.


This is really weak. Like others have said, of course videos with cute girls are going to be viewed more often than others. That being said, it’s not like any other sort of video outlet on the internet doesn’t have the exact same issues (ie youtube, vimeo, etc). Viddy should be back in the app store pronto. Many users (most in my opinion) post harmless material that is meant to be enjoyed by others for the sake of harmless fun. Human tricks, food, concert visits, sports, friends, animals. The good stuff. Let Viddy back in!

Christian Logay

Pulling Viddy from the app store is a bonehead move considering the obvious fact that Viddy has no control over how the app is used or what is shared. If pulling Viddy from the app store is the logical choice of action for the Twerk Police, then the powers that be might as well pull ALL other social media sharing apps from the app store as well. For example there is considerably more porn tweeted to the public timeline of Twitter using the Twitter app than Viddy users will ever be able to match. Facebook also sees its share of porn in the form of links and fan pages from “models” and even Foursquare can be a bit “racey” from time to time. Viddy gets it popularity for being another idea on how to use Social Media and share our lives with the rest of the world. Pulling Viddy form the app will do nothing to slow down the user’s ability to put pornography onto the internet. I would say that the Twerk Police need to pull their heads out of the sand and see the world for what it is. I see the People at Viddy Inc. not taking this act to likely and responding accordingly. Bring Viddy back to the App store, and stop trying to regulate the things that are beyond your control.


Viddy pulled for adult content? So does that mean that they will pull all Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Socialcam, and all text apps? The powers that be trying to control all media outlets is not going to work. As you pull one the next “big thing” is around the corner. Now people are just moving to Socialcam. So I guess we know what’s next to be pulled.

Bradley Laborman

As a person who has been on this site since the beginning, and a recommended user who is not a “teeny bopper” I am not sure where this twerking is happening. I have witnessed boards on Pinterest that are dedicated to the Kama Sutra using live models and nude instagrams by the handful. I guess I would be more able to believe this article if I had actually witnessed porn on Viddy… more importantly… I feel sorry or people who are actually searching for 15 second porn to begin with.


This is suspect. I’ve been on Viddy for months and haven’t seen anything NSFW. Attractive young women are going to be the most popular members of ANY community. That’s how the world works. And if we’re gonna ban booty shaking…ban youtube. ban any app that streams music videos…actually, ban any video app. And Faceboot, Pinterest, Tumblr…

Sufian Hassan

Viddy is such an awesome app, They have a creative community and I am sure that it was just the case of an apple staff member using the app at the same time as someone posting adult material and before the content got removed the app got pulled. Cant wait until giddy is back up and running.


this is suspect. I’ve been on Viddy for months and never seen anything NSFW. Attractive young women are going to be the most popular members of ANY community. that’s how the world works. And if we’re gonna ban booty shaking, ban Youtube, ban any app that plays music videos, actually…ban every video app. and Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr…

Joshua Arnao

I have been a viddy user since the day it launched and have never seen anything even resembling porn. The Viddy staff takes their platform serious and are always involved with posts. Do the right thing Apple and put it back up!


Hows this: This article is BS, I have been using Viddy for a while now and it is by far the best app on my phone. I have not seen any porn on there but, and I have looked, so they are just taking it too far!

Lee Hibberd

This is just crazy!

I’ve been a regular user of Viddy for over a year now, and have never come accross anything that even comes close to being adult content.

Viddy has always been a fun and friendly community where you can share short video clips, from family videos to creative stop motion style videos. The majority of videos I see are of people showcasing their particular talent, dancing, singing, art, and then there are the video blogs uploaded by many others. should you ever come across something you believe shouldnt be uploaded there is a ‘flagging’ system in place already.

It seems to me that a small minority of people have decided to abuse the friendly nature of this community, resulting in the rest of the users and Viddy as a whole being punished.

This is a silly mistake on Apples part, and I hope they quickly realise this and reverse the decision.


Lame Sauce. Viddy is a pretty fun way to spend your day 15 seconds at a time. Access to celebrities, cute animal videos, stupid human tricks, that is what brought me to Viddy. Sounds like they are working hard to get back to that and away from the inappropriate content. I bet they will find a solution soon. FREE VIDDY!

Logan Anderson

Hmmmseems very odd that Viddy was pulled out due to adult material, especially when there are pages of results for the search term porn in the app store. Hmmmseems very odd that Viddy was pulled out due to adult material, especially when there are pages of results for the search term porn in the app store. My guess is their overnight jump from 800 to top 50 has something to do with it. The following article might suggest that they were removed for another reason Just a thought!


you just showed much better investigative smarts than anybody else on this discussion, including Ryan!!


Good job twerk police. Now lets block anything that accesses YouTube or Vimeo and disable all web browsing for good measure.


Pandering to the base of immature teeny-boppers is what Viddy does best. Way better content on other video sharing apps out there.

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