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Wunderbar! Why millions are flocking to Wunderlist

Om has called 6wunderkinder “one of his favorite new companies”, and there’s good reason. The startup is one of the leading lights in the burgeoning Berlin scene, and impressive take-up claims for its first app could spell good news for its second, more fully-featured offering.

Despite being only a year and a half old, the company already has two core task management products. 6wunderkinder said this week that Wunderlist has amassed two million users in the 15 months since launching, but so far they’re keeping schtum on uptake for the still-in-beta Wunderkit — a fuller project management platform that could have enterprise as well as consumer appeal.

Wunderlist’s adoption seems to be accelerating: six months ago, 6wunderkinder said the app had drawn a million users over nine months. Those are the sort of numbers that drew in $4.2 million of funding from Skype founder Niklas Zennström’s Atomico last November.

Part of the acceleration, however, may be down to the fact that the company has taken the app to more platforms. While it began as an iOS, PC, Mac and web-app affair, with an Android version built on the Titanium platform, it has since then expanded to Linux and BlackBerry while gaining a less-kludgy native Android iteration. A Windows Phone version is also on the horizon.

Announcing its second milestone earlier this week the company gave some stats for Wunderlist’s usage so far:

  •          Eight million lists created
  •          75 million tasks created
  •          812 million syncs handled
  •          ‘App of the week’ in over 100 countries, with availability in 30 languages
  • But even though it’s now launched Wunderkit, 6wunderkinder says it won’t be abandoning its previous app. In a cute ‘love letter’ to its first app on Tuesday, 6wunderkinder stressed that Wunderlist may have lacked attention during the first weeks of Wunderkit’s existence, but the older child would not be left behind.

    “You’ve probably been asking yourself: why is my sync not quite as reliable as it used to be? Why does Wunderkit get recurring tasks? We’d like to reaffirm our commitment to you. Over the coming year we’re going to make sure you get the attention you deserve. We’ll be rebuilding you from the ground up, making sure that you run faster, lighter and better than you ever have before. We’ll even be able to get you those new features you’ve been dying to have.”

    As for how it intends to make money? Well, 6wunderkinder posted an interesting update last week. The original plan was to have a paid version of the service, at $4.99 a month, which would have been needed if the user wanted to collaborate with people outside of their own ‘workspace’.

    But users responded by saying the platform’s adoption would probably be hindered by crippling its collaborative nature, and 6wunderkinder changed its mind and de-limited the free version. The $4.99-per-month Pro scheme still stands, but it’s now targeting heavy users who might want increased storage, for example.

    6wunderkinder told GigaOM that Wunderlist saw a brief spike in takeup after Wunderkit went into public beta. The company has not disclosed Wunderkit’s adoption figures yet, but it did say 140,000 people had joined the waiting list for that beta, and it expected Wunderkit to hit the million-user mark as quickly — if not faster — than Wunderlist did.

    10 Responses to “Wunderbar! Why millions are flocking to Wunderlist”

    1. Brent Forjeron

      Wunderlist is a great looking app, but I ended up removing it after so many syncing screw ups. No plans to return regardless of what the developer claims they intend to fix, they had their chance.

      • Rafif Yalda

        Hi Spencer – Wunderkit is currently in beta and part of Wunderlist 2.0 is greater integration between the 2 products.

        However, we’ll be releasing the Wunderlist importer shortly after the product goes out of beta.

        • and not only speaking for me: is not an importer, the first thing a company that is focused on Get Things Done, should focus on? More feature, more confusion and more details. Start focusing on WHY you decided to help people organize instead.

        • Not only speaking for myself: should not a company that is focused on organizing and getting things done, aim to get the fundamentals of strategy right? Before even launching a Beta? More features, more complexity and more confusion? Jesus, try and get your WHY you are doing this stamped into the product instead. Thats also the point when you will be able to make money with the product instead of having to change the price model, again.

        • Rafif Yalda

          Hi Spencer,

          We have never really considered ourselves “GTD-fundamentalists” with our products and we don’t market ourselves in that way.

          Personally while an importer is of high importance to us, we also have many other areas we are currently focusing on.

          Not everybody is perfect, and we don’t claim to be. Our users sent us their concerns with the original pricing model, and we adapted to their needs as best we could. We don’t see any need to change it again (although improvements and flexibility for certain users and scenarios is always considered).

          Our “why” is plastered on our website – “we want you to be more productive. Creating products that you love to use makes us feel wunderful” – Wunderlist and Wunderkit serve two similar but slightly different purposes, and we’ll continue to offer both, for free, so that different people can be productive in either product (and future products).

          If you’d like to provide more specific instances, examples and/or concerns, we’d love to hear them.