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Green Overdrive [video]: Test driving the Fisker Karma

Despite that electric car startup Fisker Automotive has had its fair share of struggles in recent months, we were super excited to head down to Beverly Hills, Calif. this week to get a chance to test drive the Fisker Karma. The Karma is Fisker’s first car to market and it’s a $100,000 luxury extended-range electric sports car. It’s gorgeous inside and out. For this week’s Green Overdrive show we bring you the Fisker Karma test drive!

9 Responses to “Green Overdrive [video]: Test driving the Fisker Karma”

  1. Walter Wright

    I’m sorry–this plays as a puff piece rather than informative reporting. And the technical quality is absymal, which is odd coming from a site that deals with high tech.

  2. I just want to point out there has not been a single positive review of this car as a high-end car from any credible auto review source. People like the look and the promise of the tech, but this thing appears headed for the list of “history’s great busts”.

    Let’s hope they get the Nina out and learn from their mistakes. Decisions like function-free 22-inch wheels that present engineering challenges but provide no benefits are just foolish.

  3. So Katie what were your impressions? You’ve driven all the electric cars that are coming out or are out. Your a good person to be able to compare them all. You don’t actually give an opinion about the car. Are you going to do that in a follow up article?