Google Docs for Android adds real-time collaboration


Android smartphone and tablet owners can collaborate on documents from their devices with the updated version of Google Docs for Android, released on Wednesday. The software, supporting Android 2.1(s goog) devices and up, adds the same real-time collaboration found in the full web version of Google Docs on a laptop or desktop.

This real-time interaction in documents is another example of how mobile devices allow people to work together from practically any connected location. With the new Google Docs, owners of a document can invite others to view or even edit a document. Different authors input appears in various colors to identify who is writing or changing what text.

“For example, you can pinch to zoom and focus on a specific paragraph or see the whole document at a glance. We also added rich text formatting so you can do things like create a quick bullet list, add color to your documents, or just bold something important.”

Google Docs on mobile devices hasn’t evolved nearly as quickly as the full web version so this new update, found in the Android Market, will be a welcome addition to Android smartphones and tablets. I suspect that we’ll see a faster update cycle on the mobile version going forward as well; now that smartphone adoption is in full swing, Google has to improve its productivity tools for a more mobile population.


Vikrama Dhiman

Voah. This is exactly the kind of stuff that validates the choices you made. I enrolled in this course over the iPhone one and the recent buzz about Android has totally validated the claims. How cool it is to see reports like this.

With Google desktop, Ubuntu integration, Goggles and multiple display options, Android is surely going places :)


This was a huge update that made the mobile version of Google docs so much more functional. I feel like it is Christmas in February!


“Thanks Athar saw the video, it looks good. But I guess this would be a replica of Dropbox and Google docs.
I went through their blog
which talks about sharing spreadsheet better than Google docs and also the one blog which talks about
Nice one though, gotta wait for the beta release.”

Ramon B. Nuez Jr.

I agree. I really like living in my iOS space. But I am a heavy Google-almost-everything user. Now while Google “mobile” apps are ok on iOS — it’s rather incredible on Android.

I am hoping that Google spends more time on its mobile products.

Lopez Research

Every day something new is being developed to help people more effectively communicate within the mobile technological platform. As people have become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices, this tool will really be useful. This is a significant stepping stone in the development of other new applications. Thanks for posting this information!

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