Facebook Scammer Ceglia Created ‘Get Zuck’ Email Account

Things are going from bad to worse for Paul Ceglia, the small time con artist who a year ago had the press and investors at the edge of their seats with his tale of a contract from Mark Zuckerberg that gave him control of Facebook.

One week after a judge ordered Ceglia to pay Facebook $75,766 in legal bills, a new court filing shows he created a “[email protected]” account and created a “pitch” document to shop his lawsuit around.

The gmail account was unearthed by a digital forensic firm hired by Facebook to refute Ceglia’s claim that Zuckerberg signed over control of the company for $1000 in 2003. A contract describing the deal was exposed as a fake last fall.

In the new filing, Facebook asks the court to grant it subpoenas that would let the company examine the “get zuck” account and three others Ceglia created as part of his scheme.

Facebook is also accusing Ceglia of abusing attorney-client privilege in order to conceal other documents. These include emails in which one of Ceglia’s former lawyers contacted his brother at Quinn Emanuel, the white shoe law firm that represented the Winklevoss twins in the ConnectU case against Facebook.

The Ceglia saga, which at times has taken on its own Social Network like drama, is still unwinding in Buffalo federal court.

Ceglia Motion to Compel Feb
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