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Facebook plans to release a new premium ads product Feb. 29

According to leaked documents, Facebook plans to upgrade its premium ads on February 29. The company expects the new ads to perform 40 to 8o percent better than its previous product.

As the owner of a social creative agency, and as a rapacious buyer of Facebook ads for clients and for marketing my own company, I live for this kind of news. In an age of over-sharing, these documents landed in my inbox with a splash. I am sharing them in the format I received them. I hope you find them useful.

Full Facebook premium ads overview:

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Full Facebook premium ads guide:
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Peter Corbett (@corbett3000) is CEO at the creative social agency iStrategyLabs.

9 Responses to “Facebook plans to release a new premium ads product Feb. 29”

  1. I like the idea of turning a post into an ad. Not sure about the social context though. I purchase items because they bring a certain value to me, not because someone I know on Facebook likes them. I could care less what other people like. Maybe that’s just me though. It has value for certain markets for sure.

    • John, with all due respect I think you maybe missed the point. Social context makes people listen better, meaning they don’t react to the ad feeling like customers being lured in.

  2. Purchasing intent’ = businesses don’t actually make sales as such from our ads, just an ‘intention’ to possibly, maybe, almost ( but not quite actually) to buy.

    Just ask those stupid enought to launch Facebook stores how much (few) actual SALES are generated. The rest is hot-air and BS because the simple fact is that ONLY sales matter to real businesses.

    But then Facebook isn’t a real business so anyone expect any more from a thief?