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Brightcove IPOs, stock closes up 30%

The stock of video platform provider Brightcove (s BCOV) was up 30 percent on its first day of trading, with shares trading at $14.30 at the close of the markets Friday. This suggests that investors have confidence in the company as well as the online video space in general, despite Brightcove’s heavy losses over the last few years. Brightcove raised a total of $55 million with its IPO, which consisted of five million shares priced $11 each. The company had said earlier this month that it was considering a share price of $10 to $12.

Brightcove had revenue of $63.6 million in 2011, but incurred a net loss in 2011 $17.8 million over the same time period. It employed 312 people in 9 different countries by the end of 2011. Brightcove raised some $100 million since being founded in 2005. For more key facts, check our post: Brightcove’s IPO: What you need to know

2 Responses to “Brightcove IPOs, stock closes up 30%”

  1. Hi,

    I wonder if it needed to list/IPO as a pre-condition for an acquisition, either by one of the portals, the CDN’s or the likes of Real Networks, or maybe even a merger/acquisition of its own for technology/market segment.

    If a company like Yahoo was to buy it, it might not be transformative, but it would add to the video ad-inventory for direct sales, vertically-integrated for all those clients. If relationships and reach matter.

    Of course, it could just be that no one was going to stump up any more investment capital, but then everyone from Cisco-down knows that online video is the future of online media revenues.

    Kind regards,

    Shakir Razak