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Google Deems Mobile Web Ads Ready For Prime AdSense Real Estate

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) thinks that mobile Web advertising has gotten to the point where it should be part of AdSense, the company’s lucrative engine for third-party Web sites to make some money from Google ads. Starting Thursday Web publishers will be able to choose mobile ad formats through their regular AdSense account.

Before the change, publishers had to choose AdSense for Mobile as a completely separate option and many of those ads were designed for older mobile browsers. The new code will automatically adjust to different smartphone browsers and publishers will see the option for mobile ad units appear alongside other standard ad unit options in their AdSense consoles.

More information is available on Google’s site. While in-app advertising through AdMob is certainly one of Google’s main mobile ad opportunities, a shift toward mobile Web usage and the tendency for those in developed markets to focus less on apps and more on local Web sites means there are significant opportunities for mobile Web ads, according to research from MobiThinking.