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Tesla says reservations of Model X have hit $40M worth of cars

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Tesla Model X with falcon wings fully open

Tesla’s flashy unveiling of its Model X electric SUV/minivan last week looks like it’s paid off in reservations. The car company announced on Tuesday that just a day after the launch, Tesla had accumulated reservations for more than $40 million worth of Model X sales, without any advertising. Of course, reservations don’t always translate into direct sales, but Tesla says this is the fastest selling Tesla model ever.

Say the car costs on average $60,000, then that’s about 666 cars. Tesla says the Model X will cost around the same as the Model S, which costs between $50,000 to $70,000. Update: Tesla says it has 500 Model X reservations.

We were at the launch last Thursday and brought you these photos, this video (also below) and this research note. The Model X is Tesla’s third car and it signals to the world that the company has bloomed into a full-fledged automaker that has a line of cars for all demographics. The car is supposed to be launched at the end of 2013, with volume sales starting in 2014.

The Model X is also Tesla’s first crossover family car, and it is an example of how one day electric cars could truly go mainstream despite the current difficulties in the EV market. A minivan — the world’s least cool car — is becoming hip, green, and sporty.

Tesla decked out Model X car with innovative design features that could attract the soccer-mom crowd. That includes the so-called falcon-wing doors that open vertically and enable passengers to stand up in the car when packing in items like kids and groceries.

8 Responses to “Tesla says reservations of Model X have hit $40M worth of cars”

  1. Tesla and Elon are the coolest. My next car will be electric. Maybe model X ver.3 – BUT ELON – people use roof racks to carry kayaks, surfboards, skis, snowboards, mtn bikes and thule boxes and it seems to me that the recent coolest SUV on Earth cannot have a roof rack mounted because of the coolest doors on the planet. Elon, you and your designers should seriously think of driving to some activities except just to work, baseball court with kids and grocery store! :—-)

  2. An all wheel drive SUV with no way to roof mount a ski rack? If those doors make it to production this will have no choice but to fail. An awful lot of engineering time was spent answering a question that no one will ever ask.

  3. MrPhotoEd

    My only concern is in an accident, how are you going to get safe easy access to victims in the back of vehicle? That has always been a concern with gull wing doors. If the car is on it’s roof, you are not going to be able to open those doors. Did anyone ask that question at the unveiling?

  4. Katie: How did it *feel* to be riding in it? Other than a few comments in the video, I didn’t get a sense of what you thought. Did it feel like you were driving in a luxury car, a Ford Focus, or something in between?

  5. When Elon was describing the double hinged doors, I thought I was watching Nigel from Spinal Tap describe his amp. Must be the strong medicinal weed they have in California.