Chinese company wants iPad imports, exports banned

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Apple (s aapl) is in the middle of yet another legal dispute. This time, it’s in China over who properly owns the trademark on the name “iPad.”

A Chinese company called Proview has asked its government to ban the import of iPads and their export, which could be problematic for Apple since the iPad is built by third-party manufacturers in China.

For more about the implications and what Apple is saying about it, see Robert Andrews’ full story at paidContent.

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Michael W. Perry

Yes, Proview is obvious run by jerks, But it’s highly unlikely that the Chinese government would ban one of their largest and most lucrative exports. Not only would that outrage Apple, it’d mean that other electronics makers would begin to look to other countries for their product manufacturing. No one would want a mere trademark dispute like this to affect them.

In the end, this illustrates what I’ve been trying to get across to Apple and others for months. Single-sourcing your production or assembly to where the costs are the cheapest is risky and foolish. If the source is geographic, natural disasters like the floods in Thailand can destroy it. If it’s political, then political or legal issues can affect supplies. In a fast moving market, even a few months delay getting a product out can give competitors a critical advantage. Diversity is worth spending a bit more money.

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