Take that, Netflix: Hulu premieres Battleground series


Hulu launched its first original scripted series Battleground Monday night, just one week after Netflix (s NFLX) started its foray into original programming with Lilyhammer.

New episodes of Battleground, a comedy about a Senate campaign in Wisconsin, will be released on Hulu every Tuesday. The show will be available both to users of the free Hulu.com site as well as subscribers to Hulu Plus.

Check out a trailer for Battleground below:

That kind of schedule is something that Hulu users are used to, but it’s very different from the way Netflix approaches original content. Netflix posted all eight episodes of its new show Lilyhammer at once to encourage binge viewing.

Speaking of Netflix: The subscription service has long dismissed the idea that Hulu is a major competitor, likening itself to HBO and Showtime instead. However, with Battleground, Hulu clearly aims at Netflix territory, as both companies are trying for the first time to find and sustain an audience for a scripted show outside of the traditional TV distribution chain. Producer JD Walsh jokingly acknowledged the competition in an interview with TV Guide this week with the following exchange:

“TV Guide Magazine: What’s an alternate title for your show?
Walsh: Lilyhammer.”


Janko Roettgers

Not at all. The consumer in me loves. But as a journalist, I have to say that Hulu is getting more aggressive at competing with Netflix. Hence the headline.


Looks like former G4TV host Alison Haslip is on the cast of Battleground. Interesting.


The reason I watch Netflix is because commercials are so poorly written, badly shot, not funny, appealing or even sexy. To top it off, showing them over and over again was enough to turn me away from tv definitely. Hulu has done the same over the years. It was great in the beginning with only one or two commercial break with one spot each. Now they’re up to 5 or 7 with three spots. Premium might have made sense if it cut the commercial madness. I can wait a year for a show to show up on commercial free Netflix.

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