Blog Post launches Netflix-like subscriptions for indie web series is launching a subscription video service for independent web series. That will bring ad-free versions of a number popular web series online for the first time ever, with plans to make them available on multiple mobile and other connected device platforms., which stands for Just the Story, differs from other independent web series sites such as Blip and Koldcast in that its plan is to offer ad-free access to content. The site is opening its subscription-based service Tuesday, with episodes from 13 different independent web series. The plan is to split revenues with the content owners themselves, 50-50, with proceeds being divvied up depending on how much traffic each show gets watched by viewers.

At $3.99 a month (or a yearly subscription for $39.99, with two months free), is affordable enough for most web series enthusiasts. But it could also provide some revenue for show creators that have others had to depend on up until now. Perhaps more importantly, the service is launching with the ability to access those shows in their web browsers, as well as on mobile devices, and also plans to release apps for devices like the Roku streaming box.

At launch, will have exclusive access to four shows, and will be the only place to find ad-free versions of nine others. Exclusive shows include Asylum, Blue Movies, Continuum, and Generic Girl. Meanwhile, those which will be available elsewhere but appear ad-free on include Cell; Compulsions; Gold; The Jeff Lewis 5-­Minute Comedy Hour; Night of the Zombie King; The NoHo Show; Out With Dad; The Pacellis; and Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf.

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  1. If you are going to compare to Netflix you should compare the content being offered for the price. If you do that, it is very clear that as it currently stands is massively expensive. Now if you look at this as an attempt to community crowdsource production it may be able to replace some of the kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns if the community thinks this is a better option. But, as a stand alone the value proposition will have to significantly improve before this will be a viable approach for the wider audience.