Boxee may launch a DVR subscription service


Boxee is considering the launch of a DVR subscription service for users of its new Live TV tuner, according to a user survey the startup sent out over the weekend. A Boxee-powered DVR subscription service could cost anywhere from $5 to $15 per month if the company follows through with the offering.

Boxee recently released its Live TV tuner, which allows owners of the Boxee Box to receive over-the-air TV programming through the device. The tuner currently doesn’t support any DVR functionality, but there have been numerous requests to add this to the Boxee Box, and the startup has said that it is looking into such a possibility.

The survey asked owners of the newly released TV tuner about their experience with the device, only to finish with a very specific question about a DVR service offering: “How much would you be willing to pay for the ability to record 300hrs of TV,” it asked, with possible answers being $5, $10 or $15 per month.

A DVR subscription would pit Boxee against another startup,, which announced its own DVR geared toward the cord-cutting crowd at CES last month. The company is selling its hardware for $150 and will charge users an additional $5 per month for access to its programming guide.

Boxee also hinted at the launch of further broadcast TV-related products in a recent, heavily redacted FCC filing. A company spokesperson told me last week that Boxee is not yet ready to comment on its future product roadmap.

Check out our Boxee Live TV tuner review below:


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“A DVR subscription would pit Boxee against another startup” good competition could help to drive the price down. When events are mentioned those who are looking for date will hear faster and take action


At this point, the new Tivos have hulu plus. They basically do everything that Boxee does except play ripped movies. With HULU and a better interface, why would I pay for Boxee’s subpar service and support? Sounds like the idea of cordcutting might now also apply to boxee’s monthly fees. How pathetic. And guess what? The monthly fees goes WAAAY beyond the cost of Tribunemedia’s data.


Agree 100% about Windows Media Center.

Back to Boxee. I don’t see why it should cost more then $5 a month. Especially compared to similar offerings. Sezmi used to charge $5 a month for the same functionality.

Aaron Von Gauss

So, exactly, what does this monthly fee provide in the way of a recurring value added service? It never astonishes me to what we as consumers have become to accept as acceptable.

Hari Seldon

Agreed, if I have the TV tuner and a hard drive attached, why should I pay more for the DVR function?

Josh Tenzer

I was thinking the samee thing. If the TV Tuner already gets a channel guide, what will this monthly fee do for us?

Janko Roettgers

That’s an easy question to answer. The TV tuner currently only has a limited channel guide, offering users to see what’s airing in the next few hours. A paid DVR service would likely offer two weeks of programming information. Boxee has to license that data from Tribune Media Services, so it only makes sense that they’d try to get users pay as well.

Paying for advanced EPGs isn’t uncommon, by the way: Channelmaster charges its users an annual subscription fee of $50. And TiVo charges $20 per month, of course.

Brian Cavanaugh

Seems to me the far superior option is to use a windows PC that has no monthly service fees and has a MUCH better user interface, plus lots of other extras!

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