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Apple sues Samsung over autocorrect, other iOS patents

You may be familiar with the humor blog that aggregates examples of iPhone spelling correction malfunctions that cause (amusing) communication chaos called Samsung lawyers are probably thinking something along those lines right now. That’s because Apple(s AAPL) is using that feature of its iOS devices to peg Samsung with a new patent infringement lawsuit in California.

Our friends at PaidContent this morning reported that Apple filed a complaint earlier this week in a federal court in San Jose citing two patents and asking for an injunction against the Korean electronics maker. The patents in question are  8,074,172 and 8,086,604. The first is related to spelling and autocorrect. The second is described as a “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system.”

What Apple is asking for in this case is unclear — as in whether they’re targeting the Galaxy Tab or Galaxy phones or any other product — since most of the court documents haven’t been made publicly available.

But it’s clear that Apple is not through trying to use the courts to punish Samsung for, as Apple put it, “slavishly copying” its iPhone and iPad products.

24 Responses to “Apple sues Samsung over autocorrect, other iOS patents”

  1. Franco Mattew

    I believe google has 3 patents on this auto correction. the only difference is not on a touchscreen device instead on a mobile device. Apple is just really scared right now. That is the only reason they are filing all this lawsuits but at the end of the day it will benefit Microsoft,because with android gone Microsoft will now move in and kick their ass once again. The only reason android is doing so well is that Microsoft took too long to get to the market but they are here now and Microsoft has an impressive patent portfolio that apple will not go after them like that or they will have a Nokia repeat performance.

  2. BOYCOTT apple is the only language apple know.
    apple have lost the mobile phone marketshare and slowly losing the tablet marketshare.
    So give or take a couple of years, it is looking like windows mac battle and history is repeating itself.

    I mean why would anyone hold apple company share when their leader talk about going ‘thermalnuclear’ on their competitors. A bitter company.

  3. We all know for a fact whether android is copy of apple or not… Its sad when people write bad things abt Apple.. Im using samsung galaxy s 4 over an yr and i can write pages on how bad is the product n the OS.

  4. Aaron Hacker

    Really Apple fanboys? DO you REALLY think Apple INVENTED the smartphone?! Well, no, they did not, as a matter of fact. Samsung is NOT copying off of Apple! Samsung was making phones WAY before Apple ever did. These are features of a smartphone, not an iPhone!

    God, get over it. And no, Apple did not create the smartphone market. IBM did back in the 1990s! Autocorrect was originally available on computers, which Apple copied and made their own.

    Apple is the copycat. Just because they have a patent, doesn’t mean they invented it. They will give you a patent for “inventing” a new flavor of gum nowadays.

  5. RTFP: cites similar art back to 1990; not invention of auto correct, but of a unique (valuable) invention on how to implement effectively on mobile touchscreen:

    “1. A method, comprising:

    at a portable electronic device with a touch screen display:
    in a first area of the touch screen display, displaying a current character string being input by a user with the keyboard;
    in a second area of the touch screen display that is between the first area and the keyboard, displaying the current character string or a portion thereof and a suggested replacement character string for the current character string on opposite sides of the second area;
    replacing the current character string in the first area with the suggested replacement character string if the user activates a space bar key on the keyboard;
    replacing the current character string in the first area with the suggested replacement character string if the user performs a first gesture on the suggested replacement character string displayed in the second area; and
    keeping the current character string in the first area and adding a space if the user performs a second gesture in the second area on the current character string or the portion thereof displayed in the second area.”

  6. Michael Koby

    Last I checked, Apple didn’t invent auto-correct on cell phones, nor did it invent voice control on cell phones either (which is basically what Siri is when you get down to the gruff of it).

    So seriously, how did they get a patent for auto-correct. I thought you could only get patents for NON-OBVIOUS and ORIGINAL ideas.

    • I presume that any patent for autocorrect, is going to be for some specific approach to it. There’s lots of ways of performing autocorrect. (And honestly, Apple’s hasn’t impressed me much, not that it’s really pertinent to the question.)

  7. I wish Apple all the success they can get in defending their IP from those bastards at Samsung. Apple created this market! Samsung is just a copycat outfit that makes second-rate devices which try to emulate the look and feel of the iOS family of devices.

  8. Apple is protecting their IP Rights by law, if a company does not do that they can lose the patent.

    Stop with the Apple Evil crap, is very obvious that Apple has the patents and the rights to go after anyone that trends on the patents they own.

    Just like any othe company can sue if they had the same legal rights to such patents.

  9. I dont see how apple could be suing Samsung for an auto correct patent, I have a galaxy nexus and it’s auto correct does circles around apple’s.

    And the second patent will be in relation to Majel, Google/Samsung’s Siri alternative, which is also going to be better imho because its actually gonna work right isntead of giving you snooty answers to stupid questions.

    With all bashing aside, samsung should retort with a claim of apple being anti-competitive. Has worked in the past, don’t see why it wouldnt here.

    • Yes, apple is the one that invented auto-correct. lol

      Apple has good reasons for filing these ridiculous lawsuits. First because they are arrogant a******s and second because they want to exhaust the competitor’s resources. You on the other hand have no reasons for backing these actions other than because you’re an idiot.
      Apple’s fans were used to hating Microsoft for all it’s anti-competitive moves in the 90s, well now Apple has become the evil they once hated. And the fans are too brainwashed to realize that they have become hypocrites!

      • “You on the other hand have no reasons for backing these actions other than because you’re an idiot.”

        You mean, other than the fact that Apple invented the modern touchscreen smartphone, only to see the entire consumer electronics industry rip off everything about it. And then read comments by arrogant gamer/hater a******s saying they are evil because they don’t like being ripped off. You’re an arrogant a******s, so it wouldn’t matter WHAT Apple did or didn’t do. You’d still find something ugly to say.