The first photos of Tesla’s electric SUV the Model X


Elon Musk explaining falcon wings

At a sneak preview in Hawthorne, Calif. on Thursday, electric car maker Tesla (s TSLA) unveiled its third car, an all-electric SUV, minivan hybrid called the Model X, for the first time. And yep, true to the rampant speculation on the Interwebs, it’s got so-called “falcon wing” doors, which are a Tesla-designed double-hinged play on gullf wing doors, named after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Falcon rocket line for his other company Space-X (yeah, Tesla is just one of his three companies).

In contrast to gull wing doors that sweep out and up and take up considerable horizontal space, the Model X falcon wings lift up and have a double hinge so they take up a lot less horizontal space. Tesla designed the doors not only to add that extra cool-factor, but also to appeal to, say, a Mom or family driving to the mall and parking in a tight spot.

Because the doors open up vertically there’s also room to stand in the car while getting in and packing cargo (see photo) like kids and groceries. I fully stood up in the car with the doors open and I’m 5’11 and I had ample head room. The Model X is as roomy as any minivan out there and then some — it seats seven, and has cargo space in both the back trunk, and the front trunk (please don’t make me say frunk).

Rear of the Model X with trunk closed

The Model X is built on the backbone of the Model S, Tesla’s sedan that will be delivered to customers this Summer, and the Model X prototype that we checked out on Thursday was Tesla’s most advanced prototype at a launch to date and little will be changed for the production version, said Musk.

Tesla execs drove us around a short driving track and the car handled like the Model S — it has the same low, long, bottom battery pack design. It’s pretty amazing to ride in a minivan/SUV that can handle like a sports car. Musk says the Model X can go zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds. Think of it as the first cool, green, sporty minivan.

The Model X will be priced similarly to the Model S, said Musk, (Model S costs $50,000 to $70,000) and will have about the same electric driving range, with potentially 10 percent less range, because it’s a heavier car (the Model S has three range option, 160 miles, 230 miles and 300 miles).

OK, enough talk, I know you want to see the first photos of Tesla’s Model X! So here you go:


Miguel Caparros

No mater how many times I check. The spelling police always nab me.

Tamara Moxham

This is NOT an SUV – I have a large dog. He would not fit in this car. Swing and a miss!


I’m technically, cognitively, affectively in love with TeslaS and ModelX. I’ve got psychomotor hunger to own and drive them!


You would never get your money back from something so incrementally expensive. It doesn’t have to be all about that – they will have plenty of customers who buy it for other reasons. But enough with the massive tax handouts for a small niche product.

Mark cazman

My comment will focus on the attributes of the Model X, rather than the shortcomings of the article. Tesla motors is stretching the boundaries of the automobile, and as such there will be growing pains. I think the model X and S look fantastic, and if they can travel about 300 miles between charges, we are witnessing history in the making. I’ll buy one.

Joe Nobody

Almost got it. Now you have “…play on gullf wing doors…”. Just get rid of that “f”, and you’ll have it.


Gulf or Gull, I have to wonder how rear seat passengers would quickly exit in a rollover.


I am eager to hear a buyer’s opinion after they have driven it for one year. It looks super!


Way to focus on the minutia of article syntax instead of the subject at hand! If only the whole world could spend so much time nitpicking, we would never have any more errors (or new products) again!

Beautiful car, this is what we need in electric vehicles! Good job on the writeup Katie, it looks like the Tesla X can survive a typo!


The typo is actually “gullf” with a hyphen bisecting the “f”
I’ll refrain from criticizing the gaggle of geniuses who have fixated on it thus far…….


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Looks fantastic. The only problem with practicality is the fact you won’t be able to put roof racks on with those gullwing doors. For us surfers, paddlers and snowboarders, roof racks are a must!


Pretty sure the author means “gull” wing doors. Like a seaGULL. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a gulf wing before.

Eli Sharp

Nice ride, wish I was in the market. I hope to see more Teslas on the road. I live in San Francisco but I only see them once in a while.


There is a reason other more seasoned (pun intended) automakers don’t do gimmick doors like that anymore…besides tight side-by-side parking lot issues, low/narrow garage space issues, enjoy seeing what happens to your seats each time you open those doors in the real world of rain and snow.



for people who can afford it, the rest of us will fret about mortgages or college or health insurance or our next meal. And I hope the batteries have a lot longer lifespan than, say, the ones in my cell phone, laptop, tablet, or virtually any other portable electronic device that become almost useless in a few years.


Haha yeah I rolled my eyes at the “gulf” wing doors too..where do these people come from? ..oh look, another flock of gulfs just flew by..:)

your English teacher

“Gulf wing”, lol
I have agree with Terry on this one.
The auther is probably in his 20s.


Great! The logo is trading in higher price. That’s all. Is there anything that packaging anything for the alternative energy technology distribution for the public infrastructure to engineering yet? Noop, none, and zero are all about Tesla so far.


These vehicles are looking top notch! One thing about those doors on the Model X is if someone is setting in the back and you had to open the door for someone when it is raining, the people in the back seat would get wet.


Ok, it can either be “all-electric” OR “hybrid,” not both, as is stated in the first sentence. Which is it?


It is an electric vehicle, the sentence says it is a minivan/suv hybrid, not a gas/electric hybrid.

Markus Roder

Chill out Terry. It’s obviously a “quick post” article to benefit from search traffic, so it might even be an autocorrect error.

Which other facts do you doubt?


I can just see it now…
Mom comes to get her little boy from soccer practice and sis rambunctiously closes one of those gullwing doors on her brothers hand crippling him for life. Gullwing doors on a family vehicle. Absolutely genius!

Richi Jennings

Riiight, because that can never happen with convention doors.
Oh, wait…


When I see a blatant error such as “gulf wings” repeated in an article, I must ask myself how many other facts are in error.


Dude, you just gotta chill. A typo in news on a website that is only one hour old, and it is not perfectly proofread? ZOMFG, call the copz!


Seriously, “gulf wings” is beyond. yond idiotic, they so lost the right to ever cover automotive news….. Smh


Do you mean the sentence that starts “In contrast to gulf wing doors…”?

Greg Sidelnikov

It’s just a typographical error. They are made every day. The question is why are you picking on this one? Is this a past time hobby?

john smith

i’ll see the error you saw, and raise you the error that you made. clearly the article has 2 l’s and the f really isn’t an f.


Yes, you have an excellent point! No one EVER misspells ANYTHING on the internet! Our civilization is doomed.

Seriously though, wonderful article. I consider your coverage of Tesla Motors some of the finest reporting out there. Much more thorough and interesting than most.


It’s not about spelling, it’s about confidence in the author’s understanding of the topic (especially when the ‘mistake’ is repeated.

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