SolarReserve constructs 540-foot solar power tower [photos, video]

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Despite that some solar thermal projects — which use the sun’s heat instead of solar panels — are getting replaced with cheaper solar panels, some developers are still moving forward on massive solar thermal plants in the deserts of the U.S. Developer SolarReserve announced on Thursday that it’s finished building the 540-foot solar power tower that will make up the centerpiece of its 110 MW project in Nevada.

The plant is called the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant and SolarReserve says it’ll be “the largest power plant of its kind in the world.” It’ll also use molten salt for energy storage.

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Amy, the opening line of your article is rather detracting from CSP. No tower CSP plant has been replaced by PV, and when cost of back up for PV is taken into account the prices are very competitive.

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