Hands-on video with Tesla’s electric Model X


Tesla unveiled its third electric car the Model X, an electric SUV/minivan hybrid, during a sneak preview at its design studio in Hawthorne, California on Thursday. We took GigaOM TV’s Green Overdrive show down to the event and got this first hands-on video with the car and an interview with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. Check it out:



Elon has his thing going on with everything. Soalr city,Tesla and space x. But im a litle bit worried with the falcon wings,, lets see waht happenns. I mean if you have rockets why do you wanna fly your car. lol


According to various sources the Tesla Model X will cost at least 80K. Only the the one percenters will be able to afford it.

Danny Kralemann

Really cool. Having missed the introduction of the other model, I wonder how far it can go on a charge and recharge requirements.

Jimmy Cracks Capricorns

It’s this kind of engineering that will change the world forever.

Robert Holbrook

You won’t be able to park in a parkade. That’s a serious limitation.


interesting, even Elon gets nervous in an interview. Hopefully that doesn’t mean he’s unsure about the product….


The Model X isn’t anything close to a minivan. Maybe it’s an SUV, but even that’s pushing it. It’s a car. It’s a pretty cool electric car, but it’s a CAR.

Would somebody PLEASE invent a fuel efficient ACTUAL minivan or full-sized van so that I can transport five children with some cargo room to spare. The Honday Odyssey we have now is the closest that I can get to my ideal. Thanks.


Katie, thanks for the hands on look great job. Would love to get your impressions of the car as well. Nice seeing it in action and boy did it look roomy in there. This could be a huge hit with families like mine. Any mention of entertainment options like hooking up video monitors, external computing devices that many suv’s have. Curious too how that impacts batteries.

Katie Fehrenbacher

wburdett, I know it will have at least the same entertainment system as the Model S. It had the 17 inch touch screen like the Model S, and also rear facing cameras where the mirrors are. But not sure yet on the broader plan for screens for passengers, etc. I’m sure Tesla will do it up right closer to the launch date.


Our rear seat video players are seeing no use, now that our two boys each have iPads. They don’t even use the individual stereo controls for each rear passenger.

IMO: I don’t think fixed displays for rear seated passengers will do well. The option usually cost $1800. Tablets cost between $400 – $700 and offer more.


I’m curious about the comment that this would make a perfect Tahoe car. Sure, from the traction side of things it sounds perfect. But what about range? Driving through a snow storm in the middle of winter, sitting in traffic over the pass, heater blasting on full strength … I sure hope the battery doesn’t die, otherwise I’d be stuck and cold! If that’s a risk, then it seems like the Model X is not a perfect Tahoe car afterall.

On a completely different topic, you guys should show Katie a bit more respect. She’s a hard-working reporting doing a good job.


Nevermind the misogyny bleeding from the seams. I see a competent and balanced interview by a non-auto-jouno. You people watch too much Fox News to remember what reporting is supposed to look like.

Why would anyone think that having a giant door-umbrella over you would let in more rain than having… nothing?


Nevermind the misogyny bleeding from the seams. I see a competent and balanced interview by a non-auto-jouno. You guys watch too much Fox News to know what reporting is supposed to look like.

Why would anyone think having a giant door-umbrella would let in more rain than having… nothing?

Eric Warnke

Considering this was a “hands on video” with the car they sure spent 75% of the video sitting around talking. Show us the car, I couldn’t care less about two people staring at each other for ~5 minutes.


Thank you for the info, it was very informative and helpful to see the Model X up close. It is now officially added to my wish list! @Niall- I own both a Mini Van and and SUV, we are a family of 5 + a Rottie, and I would take inside storage any day over putting things of the roof. In this car I can fit luggage, stroller, and still have room for dog in the back. Love the doors, since that is a part I worried about when my kids opened the SUV’s doors. Overall, this would be a great family car, can’t wait to see it in person!


So cool. The Tesla X looks pretty revolutionary. Thanks for covering the launch! :)


What about when it’s raining? Wouldn’t water be more likely to touch the interior?


That’s really not a sensible response is it?

It isn’t that she did not know everything about the product or technology, it is that during the interview she seemed uninterested and bored.

That is important.

She wasn’t terrible, but maybe instead of being defensive something can be learned from the negative responses to the interview.


How tall are the doors when they open? Can the doors open in a parking garage?


A pic on Tesla’s site shows them just fitting under a standard residential garage’s roll up door, so parking garage ceiling better be at least 7 feet.


Yes, she is not excited. And I am glad my docter does not jump out of his seat either. It’s a job.

Charlie Styr

Unlike a normal car door it won’t get wet inside the car (much unless it’s windy…) and you can stand under the door in shelter…


She looks so un-interested talking to Elon Musk (founder of a successful electric car company and space company), I would be jumping out of my seat! She doesn’t looked engaged at all about this amazing car that has never been made before.

Ucilia Wang

Simmer down, George. If you jump out of your seat while talking to Elon Musk, then you’ll look like an idiot or someone who needs to go to the bathroom stat!


Don’t most people who own minivans and SUVs put stuff on the roof: bikes, skis, kayaks, etc? Seems like the falcon wing doors make a roof rack an impossibility.


Yes they do. I had the same thought, however if they offer a trailer hitch (do they?), then you could get away with a hitch mounted bike / ski rack. In addition, while the multiple sun roofs look cool, 90% of the time you want those windows covered so they kiddos don’t get sun burned.

Elon’s description of the 4wd system sounds like an electric version of the Subaru has had for years. (good)

When you look at 7 passenger cars, there are very few options. If people will drop $57k for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, I’m sure they will sell plenty of these.


I prefer the tailgate system. It is no fun lifting bikes, ski’s, kayaks and other things onto a roof. Also, it appears more people have hitches.


As a kayak owner I’m genuinely interested in this: how do you put a kayak on any type of rack mounted to a hitch? Mine is 10.5 feet and I don’t see it happening.


how does this woman get to interview elon musk at the model x unveiling and she knows nothing about cars?


When you are a cute 5.11 blonde – subject matter expertise and asking relevant questions is optional. Being cute get you the interview I suppose. Heck – I’d let her interview me about pretty much anything.

Katie Fehrenbacher

@brad, I write about cleantech and startups and business. GigaOM is a site where we write about entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Yes, I’m not an auto reporter.

Mischa Steiner-Jovic


Don’t listen to these clowns. That was a good interview. Same types of questions you would expect from Motortrend or Car&Driver

Ucilia Wang

Brad, it’s you who clearly knows nothing about the car business. Tesla is not selling the Model X to engineers. It wants to sell to families, so Katie’s questions about the roominess of the car, its safety and pricing are questions that consumers will ask. And her questions about how Tesla plans to market it — a van with a cool design and extra functions — are what any good business reporter should ask.

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