Nokia delivers solid Belle update early (and late)


Nokia(s nok) released the Belle software upgrade for its recent Symbian phones on Tuesday, bringing additional home screens, much improved notifications and other features. The rollout is a day ahead of schedule, showing that Nokia is starting to make good on promises to deliver on time. Sadly, Belle is the type of solid update that Nokia didn’t have soon enough after the introduction of iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog) touchscreen phones.

Much of Belle is meant to make the user experience more intuitive, simpler and effective. Here’s how the Nokia Conversations blog describes Belle in part:

“Nokia Belle delivers more personalisation options than before. You can have up to six home screens that are easy to personalize, leaving all your favourite applications and services only a few taps away. New larger live widgets display what’s really important to you right onto the homescreen, so you’ll always be kept up-to-date. Want to place a shortcut from one screen onto another? That’s simple. A long press and a drag to the side of the screen moves it to that screen.”

You can see a mix of desirable features already found in iOS and Android in Belle, perhaps the most prominent being the new notification method. It’s very much like the mechanism Android has always used, and that Apple adopted with its most recent version of iOS. Missed calls, emails and messages all appear on the notification window and there are one-touch keys to control key handset components, as well.

Had Nokia been able to advance its Symbian operating system to this level two years ago, the company might not have adopted Microsoft’s Windows Phone(s msft) platform last February. As they say, timing is everything.

The Belle update is widely available for the following handsets: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia Oro. The Nokia 500 will see Belle within the coming weeks.



I had no problem with the update on the E7. The most recent version of Nokia Suite is needed first and then it should be available to download when you connect your phone via USB. It makes a world of difference.


where is the update? Im in the usa, in Texas and nothing yet i thought it was gonna be a global releas for bell.


i just got through checking that and the Nokia site n it doesn’t say anything about bell that i could find


hey im in Texas too and i havent gotten the update either. i have a c7

Eddie Garcia

hey im from texas too and i havent gotten the update either. i have a C7. apparently the US has the update available but it doesnt even show up when i connect my phone to nokia suite


This would be great news for N8 owners, except that many of the N8’s that could now use Belle (like mine) can’t, because they won’t turn on or charge, and Nokia support doesn’t respond to inquiries in the U.S. about the N8, even if it was bought directly from Nokia.

So after buying 4 Nokia flagship devices in less than 4 years, I have finally learned my lesson. Good luck to Microsoft, you will need it if Nokia is your main hardware partner.

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