CoreMobile wants to cram a lot of apps on one screen

CoreMobile wants to cram all these apps into one screen

Combine the gargantuan information flows from the web available to us everywhere with the small screen and processing power of a smartphone and you get a pretty evident bottleneck. Who among us hasn’t quickly thumbed from one app to another ahead of a client visit trying to get as much relevant information as possible in the few minutes before a business meeting?

For those who lack the foresight to prepare in advance, or professionals such as doctors who have a tablet or handset and a need for variety of information on the devices, CoreMobile, a startup out of Santa Clara, Calif. wants to help. The company, which was founded two years ago and is a member of the Citrix Startup Accelerator, makes software running online that uses a phone’s location, a caller or even a calendar event to derive context and then deliver a multi-app view of relevant information on one screen.

CoreMobile wants to cram all these apps into one screen

I have no idea if this is the way we’ll access information in the near future — although Chandra Shekhar Tekwani the company’s CEO is excited that almost 300 paying enterprise customers are already using the beta product — but it’s certainly worth thinking about how to cram a large amount of information from different sources onto a small screen.

This is both a UI issue (how people access and interact with a lot of information in a small screen without being overwhelmed), but also a technical one. For example, how does one prioritize or manage API calls to ensure that a paying customers gets access to a feed of data that might be one or two hops away from the original app? As we enter a mobile first world, CoreMobile and other companies trying to deliver business-level applications on mobile devices that could offer us a glimpse of a connected future, one unconnected to the PC, but constrained by its own unique shortcomings.

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