Super Bowl 46 mobility by the numbers


An average of 100 million people watch the Super Bowl annually, making it one of the most viewed events in the world. But we’re no longer a people with just one screen; connected devices are everywhere. While watching the game at home, we’ll be tweeting about it and sharing thoughts on social networks. And fans at the big game will be doing the same.

Here are some staggering numbers showing how Super Bowl 46 is ready for such mobility:


Brian Kim

these “staggering” figures are pretty underwhelming in my opinion.


I got to see Verizon’s football-related exhibit at the NFL Experience at the Indy convention center. When I asked one of the young women there greeting people about Verizon’s beefing up its cellular network in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, particularly LTE, she said she hadn’t heard about it, but would be glad to ask someone…

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