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Where to watch the 2012 Super Bowl live online

Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and this year, the big game is going to be streamed live online for the very first time. Who wants to see the game between the Giants and the Patriots on a tiny laptop screen, you might ask? Cord cutters and other folks without cable or even a TV set for one, but the live stream also comes with some extra perks that the TV broadcast won’t offer: Viewers will be able to select from different camera angles, pause the game and other fun stuff.

Are you one of those people who just watch the game to catch a glimpse of the ads? No worries, you’ll find all of those online as well. There is also a bunch of second-screen action going on this year to deliver tweets and other extra content to your cell phone or iPad while you watch TV. And speaking of mobile: You’ll even be able to watch the entire game on your handset. You know, in case that laptop screen is to big, or you happen to be away from both Internet and TV.

Here’s our growing list of online resources for Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday 02/05:

  • will show the entire game online starting with some of the pregame action at 2pm ET (11am PT). The kickoff is at 6:30pm ET (3:30pm PT), and the game will feature HD-quality streams from multiple camera angles, DVR-like functionality to pause and replay the action and a number of social features.
  • Verizon subscribers will also be able to stream the game on their phones through the NFL Mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. More info on the app here.
  • Viewers in Canada will be able to watch the game via Bell’s mobile apps.
  • Twitter has aggregated all the relevant accounts and hash tags to follow in this blog post.
  • Hulu has once again aggregated Super Bowl ads in its Adzone.
  • YouTube has Super Bowl ads, recipes and more in its AdBlitz channel.
  • At least five of the ads shown during the game will use Shazam to offer free downloads, sweepstakes and other stuff meant to entice you to join the second-screen action. More about this on Shazam’s blog.
  • Sports social mobile app PlayUp has teamed up with St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson to chat with football fans during the game.

We’re gonna update this list with additional links in the coming days. Stay tuned!

9 Responses to “Where to watch the 2012 Super Bowl live online”

  1. dean collins

    nope NBC will be geobloacked.

    BTW there isnt a video stream but you can chat with friends from twitter and facebook during the superbowl by logging in to LiveFootballChat

  2. “Cord cutters and other folks without cable” News Flash!!!! The game will be on OTA so most of these people can use their handy dandy rabbit ears! No teeny tiny laptop screen needed (unless, in fact, they do not have a television like you say).