Nooka’s mystery dial watches get an iPhone app

Matthew Waldman’s Nooka watches are far from your standard time-keeping devices, with various dial designs that often use digital squares and circles turning on and off to mark the passing of hours, minutes and seconds. With a new app launched Thursday (via Om), Nooka brings its off-the-beaten path watch design to the iPhone(s aapl).

The major benefits of the iPhone app are that you get to experience a variety of different dial designs in one place, and that it only costs $0.99 (or free for a more limited version), as opposed to the hundreds you’ll spend on an actual Nooka watch.

The Nooka app provides a basic local time clock, with three different faces to choose from, as well as a world clock, stopwatch and timer. For all of the above, you can choose the color of the clock’s background and time indicator elements using a simple color picker. The app works in both portrait and landscape orientation, which makes it a great candidate for a desk or bedside clock, although the presence of an alarm function would really help that, as would an interface tweak to hide the status bar when the clock is active.

Even though I’d like to see those features added in an update, the Nooka app is definitely cool as-is, and fans of good design and visually intuitive time-telling will not regret the $0.99 purchase price.