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Poll: The older you are, the more you hate Facebook Timeline

An image from the SodaHead poll results (click to enlarge)

Facebook is in the process of converting all user profiles to the new Timeline design. But according to a new poll, the majority of people aren’t so keen on the new look.

Seventy percent of respondents to a poll of 1,900 people held by online opinion site said they did not like the Timeline design and that Facebook should get rid of it. Just 20 percent of respondents liked Timeline, and 10 percent said they did not have Facebook profiles.

And it turns out that the older people are, the less they like the new design: Only 10 percent of people over 65 liked Timeline, compared with 34 percent of people age 18 to 24.

That won’t come as a big surprise to the folks at Facebook, since it lines up with the research the company itself did before Timeline was announced this past fall. At a press Q&A during the f8 conference, in September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that older users tended to respond more negatively to Timeline than younger ones. But, he said, that would not stop Facebook from making big changes: “The world is moving quickly, and we want to be innovative and try new things,” he said at the time.

Either way, it seems that Timeline is here to stay. With the Open Graph API, scores of third-party developers have invested significant time and money into building apps that work within the Timeline interface. So now it is not only Facebook that is tied to the new look but also an entire ecosystem of other companies. Besides, this is certainly not the first time Facebook users have reacted negatively to a change in the site’s look, and it seems that by now the people who run the social networking company have learned to ride out the initial jeers.

8 Responses to “Poll: The older you are, the more you hate Facebook Timeline”

  1. Not Old

    That still leaves more than 70% of people who don’t like it! I don mind it for individual facebook pages but in groups and on brand pages its horrible. Companies are looking at other options to communicate with customers.

  2. Lori Esposito Andrews

    Really? I guess I am older 40.. but timeline takes so darn to load.. Nobody wants to wait forever for their friends pages to open.. In regards to new ideas?? New idea my foot it looks just like Myspace??? I left there two years ago for facebook??

  3. The old saying goes ‘the older, the wiser’…that would imply that you were wise enough NOT to get swept up in this cesspool called Farcebook, and so you’re off having a mint julip by your pool gazing out on you trolls falling all over yourself to get the next tweet out of your a**, and laughing uncontrollably at how stupid you are.

  4. Timeline is ugly and less useful than the normal look. It’s got an oversized photo at the top, and shows your activity prominently while diminutizing your friends’ or their wall posts for you. It’s like they took the Facebook out of Facebook and tried to make it more like Google+. Pathetic.