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Survey: Kindle Fire Owners Happy With Their Purchase But Not iPad-Happy

Do Kindle Fire owners still like their devices now that they’ve had a few months to kick the tires? A new survey indicates that for the most part, they’re more pleased with their purchase than those who bought other Android tablets last year but less satisfied than iPad owners.

Changewave Research, which conducts surveys of U.S. consumers on technology products and services, found that 54 percent of those who have purchased the tablet since its November launch are “very satisfied” with their purchase, with an additional 38 percent declaring themselves “somewhat satisfied.” Last November 74 percent of iPad owners surveyed by Changewave said they were “very satisfied” with their tablets, whereas only 49 percent of those who bought something other than the iPad felt the same way.

The Kindle Fire launch was not the smoothest product rollout ever. But Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) hastily released a patch that fixed several nagging problems with the initial software build and that appears to have helped. Asked to list their biggest complaints, owners focused on hardware: 27 percent Kindle Fire owners surveyed by Changewave said they didn’t like the lack of a volume up/volume down button on the device, and 21 percent said they wished it had a camera.

Not surprisingly, most were drawn to the Kindle Fire by its price. Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said the $199 cost of the device was the best thing about it, while 31 percent said they liked the fact it had a color screen. That suggests that, as many have noted, Kindle Fire owners are likely made up of previous Kindle owners upgrading to the tablet as opposed to those who compared it side-by-side with the iPad and chose the Fire.

Given Amazon’s trademark obfuscation when it comes to sales of its Kindle family, we’re not exactly sure how many devices are in the wild, but estimates range between 4 million and 6 million. Changewave surveyed 2,607 U.S. consumers and reported that 6 percent owned a Kindle Fire. It surveyed 254 Kindle Fire owners to come up with the preceding stats.

3 Responses to “Survey: Kindle Fire Owners Happy With Their Purchase But Not iPad-Happy”

  1. thatguytoo

    I find the analysis to be rridiculous, the ipads are more than twice the cost for Fire, and it’s no secret that the fire is a wifi only device when it’s purchased so I don’t understand consumer frustration with that when they knew that when they bought it.  If anything this just shows that people are foolish. It’s a $199 tablet, ofcourse you’re not going to get all the bells and whistles.

    • What counts is overall satisfaction. If you can buy a refurbished iPad for the price of the Fire, do that! If “good” is good enough for you, settle with less, but consider this:

  2. Walt French

    Interesting that the Fire seems to generate the same 50%-ish “very satisfied” scores as seen for other non-iPad tablets that have sold so badly. I take it that other factors besides word-of-mouth, such as Amazon’s reputation, are driving its sales.