RIM’s First BlackBerry 10 Handset Could Be Smaller Version Of Playbook


Credit: Crackberry

Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM) will be pinning its comeback hopes on the first generation of BlackBerry phones to run its BlackBerry 10 operating system, and it seems to have settled on a design. Leaked media images to a friendly outlet suggest that RIM wants to borrow cues from the Playbook tablet when it releases those handsets later this year.

Crackberry, fresh off an interview with new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, has somehow obtained a new image of the BlackBerry London, a concept device we’ve heard about before but that appears to have gone through a redesign or two. In a breathless and fawning account that skates over all the issues with the BlackBerry 10 software, Crackberry tells us that the phone resembles “a downsized Playbook” and that slightly different versions are planned for the U.S. and U.K. markets.

While it may have a few friends in the fanboy blogging community, RIM is going to need a lot more than that to reinvent its brand by the time these handsets arrive toward the end of 2012. And we’re not talking about cartoon superheroes.

It took RIM a year to make its BlackBerry 10 software compatible with its famous e-mail system, and the Playbook tablets have been a dismal failure. And it apparently still hasn’t settled on a chipset for these phones, with Crackberry suggesting the company is still debating between Texas Instruments and Qualcomm (NSDQ: QCOM) months after former CEO Mike Lazaridis told investors the phones would be delayed because RIM needed a special processor that wouldn’t be available until the middle of this year.

Should RIM be able to join the modern mobile software ranks, it might be able to reverse its decline in the U.S., but there’s an awful lot more that we’ll need to see before we can handicap those chances.


3g in usa

Gud its very informative about blackberry. Actually BlackBerry is a line of mobile email and smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion. BlackBerry devices are smartphones, designed to function as personal digital assistants, portable media players, internet browsers, gaming devices, and much more.


I would say 1,000,000+ playbooks is not a failure, and it’s funny how apple fans run about complaining they haven’t adopted full touch screens enough then when they do you try to say they are iPhone wanna be’s. The playbook is not a clone of any apple product and if you had tried one you would understand how great it is and how much better it’s swipe gestures are in comparison to any other tablet.
As fit the iPhone. I’m using one for this and the typing is terrible. I have to fix half the words I type, the abysmal system iOS uses to try to attempt to go back to fix a word is near impossible to see under your finger and my phone and email apps crash all the time if I dial an extension or reply to an email.


As for Research In Motion. Let it go, there is no point in following a company that clearly has no future, but is scraping at the coffin it is buried in that is nailed with 10″ steel nails dumped into the depths 20000 leagues below the surface.

Apple Inc. is already redefining the relationship between Man and Machine, and Research In Motion is still trying to find where Rim belongs? Come on, just let Rim go, right now, don’t look back.


You probably haven’t heard about ‘Visual Interface’, and programming languages like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Composer, etc., although you have been using programs and applications written in these languages. Since the release of Visual Basic by Microsoft in 1985, computers spent most of their resources on rendering screen visual elements. Not only is this a vast waste in computer resources, the networks are also impacted perversely transmitting gazillions of bits for visual purposes. Visual computing is not most coherent to the human concepts and ideas, the actual concepts and ideas are. Apple Siri mimics human intelligence by communicating in human concepts and ideas through natural language dialogs. Apple Siri is actually the world’s oldest form of human communication – speech. Computers (namely Apple) now have the potential to relate to human beings through dialog !! What can be more powerful, and utterly useful?


SoC is acronym for System On a Chip. From an integrated hardware design viewpoint, nothing is more powerful and integrated than an SoC. Apple’s A4, A5, are SoC designed and used by Apple and carries the machine instruction sets that form the most integrated, powerful, optimized and flexible platform in the world.


Fusion is the design principle that optimizes the integrity of all the components and layers of a platform beginning with the very central processor unit’s hardware instruction set (machine instructions), and ending with the machine instruction of the hardware and peripherals. Operating Systems are the traffic cops carrying out the machine instructions, applications are higher instructions that end up being compiled into these machine instructions, or interpreted JIT. If you took the machine architecture and compiler courses then you would understand what I am talking about.


Ignorance is not bliss, and nastiness has no place in society.

Your ignorance is not a fault of the society.


James. You have a wild imagination and too much time on your hands.

Its painfully obvious this ‘leaked’ phone is a fake. Bloggers just looking for more page hits and attention. Pretty sad.


“Apple’s dominance of the world will be complete.”! come on now, why would you stop there?….no intergalactic dominance? I like your (Apple) confidence…but if so…why posting comments on an article that has nothing to do with crapple? afraid perhaps? eh?


Apple Siri will refresh the iPhone 5 form factor. With Apple Siri verbal user interface, there would be significant reduction in circuitries and components for the iPhone 5. The battery life could be greatly increased. New generation of Apple Siri verbal apps would obsolete visual apps providing much more power and cool. Due to elimination of old fashioned web page / form navigation and rendering of tags and elements the speed and usefulness of the verbal apps will immediately obsolete all of the current apps and more fundamentally the human/machine relationship. People would no longer be typing or tapping on the screen which is so inconvenient, inefficient, and error prone. Unicode or code page representations of characters would become a function of the operating system output instead of keyboard input which is impossible to implement. Verbal apps design and development usher in a new age of programming paradigm with much higher and natural abstraction doing without those vague and resource heavy visual components. The apps will be much more natural and coherent to the humans at the machine instruction set level. Apple’s Fusion SoC will be much simpler and yet far more powerful and sophisticated dealing with human knowledge, idioms, and ideas. This level of Apple Fusion binds and fuse the microprocessor instructions to the human needs at the function code / machine instruction level squeezing every possible hardware capability that no other machines can. Apple machines and apps will reach a much more useful and powerful level yet selling at average street prices. People will find there is no better way to use machines and apps than through mother tongue two-way dialogs. Apple’s dominance of the world will be complete.


This is one of the most bizarre comments I’ve ever read from an Apple fan.  “Apple’s Fusion SoC”?  Are you just making things up?

I’m an Apple fan too, in general, but I’ll admit this is an attractive phone, and if it’s real I hope Rim can bring it the market and do it well enough to compete with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.  Competition is good and it would be sad to see Rim go the way of Palm.


Rim takes people for a fool by running full circle to clone the iPhone. The defunct Playbook clones the iPad which looks exactly like a giant iPhone. Rim stands to miss the mobile movement currently only 6% of the NA market & losing enterprise business to Apple and Android, comes this fall there would be no more Rim Blackberrys in NA at all.

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