First Look: BBC Sport Site’s Long-Overdue Reboot Ahead Of Olympics

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The BBC will on Wednesday morning refresh its BBC Sport site for the first time significantly since 2004, with a greater emphasis on live data and visualisations. Preview below…

“This is a sports service custom built for modern sports fans,” the corporation says.

It is the last main BBC online service to get a refresh, following BBC News and the homepage. It is also a dry run for the BBC’s Olympic Games coverage.

Further sport and dedicated Olympics products are due to be launched this year on TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO), connected TVs and as mobile apps, as well as the forthcoming Olympics website, all of which the BBC will use to broadcast every minute of every Olympic event.

The sport site in 2011 set about cutting its budget by 25 percent in line with a wider BBC Online budget cut.

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Doug Knittle

What a piece of shit, same thing new color. Who ever signed off on this redesign should be forced to pay for it! Its not about the content you putz.

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