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The future of the Japanese home: solar, battery, energy software

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While some day in the future we could all have our own personal home battery systems combined with rooftop solar panels, Japanese home owners could get these goodies sooner, rather than later. Consumer electronics giant Kyocera is working with battery system developer Nichicon Corporation to package up Kyocera’s solar rooftop gear and its energy management system, with Nichicon’s lithium ion home battery systems, to sell an all-in-one product to Japanese home owners.

Kyocera says there’s been a growing demand for Japanese homes to be able to generate and store their own power following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters last year. Kyocera says it’ll start selling the package this Summer in Japan. The battery itself will be made by Samsung, and Nichicon provides the battery management system, storage unit and power inverter.

5 Responses to “The future of the Japanese home: solar, battery, energy software”

  1. I’ve mostly lived in the same state for 40+ years, and in that time, the power went out on average maybe once a year for an hour or less. Then about 8 years ago, we had a monster snow and ice storm that knocked out power for 5 days (or more) across the whole region. When I installed solar panels 6 years later, the very unpleasant memory of those 5 days, made the extra cost of a back-up battery system an easy choice to make. If that one storm had never happened, I would not have a back-up system.

    • Alf, it’s important to note that your power will still go down if you have solar and do not have energy storage. In the United States, Growing Energy Labs, Inc. ( makes a home microutility.

    • Ryan Wartena

      Its important to note that your power will still go down if you have solar but do not have energy storage! See the Energy Computer from GELI ( -Ryan

    • It is a shame that many of us need to have the bad experience to shell out the money for a well planned energy back up plan. I do not own a home yet but solar energy or alternative energy has been on my mind. Now with the advancments in storageof that energy it is something I will be researching when I do buy a home. This technology is briliant and in the case for Japan it seems it will really improve life.