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RunKeeper races ahead with 9 new app partners

RunKeeper announced nine new partner software titles on Monday, bringing the total number of compatible apps to 45. The RunKeeper app, which started as a simple method to monitor exercise with a phone’s GPS devices, has morphed into a full-blown health-tracking platform with its HealthGraph initiative allowing apps to interface with RunKeeper’s logging and user graphs.

Here’s a descriptive list of the nine titles:

  1. Fleetly: Lets users track and improve their Fitness Level in a social game.
  2. Pedometer Ultimate: Turns your iPhone (s aapl) or iPod touch into a powerful GPS stopwatch.
  3. Nexercise: An interactive game that makes fitness fun.
  4. CleverRun: Predicts your target time for your next race and compares your runs to runs of the same distance.
  5. Cycle Log: Helps cyclists track performance with GPS mapping, interval timers, voice cues and more.
  6. Coachya: Helps coaches provide training plans, track, manage and bill their teams and athletes.
  7. Vitogo: Lets you log your strength training with coaching, motivation and social support.
  8. Weighty: Allows you to submit your weight and fat percentage to the Health Graph.
  9. Scosche myTREK: A wireless pulse monitor that is worn on your forearm and lets you manage your pulse, training type, calories burned, distance/speed/pace and more.

Although these software titles vary by function, they can all feed into a RunKeeper’s user data. By combining such data, and allowing for user choice of preferred software, RunKeeper can aggregate activity and health data from a nearly unlimited number of sources, not all of which are software; the wearable FitBit device and the Withing’s Wi-Fi scale are two hardware examples.

What was once a fairly niche app is now riding the growing wave of health-tracking gadgets and apps. There’s no lack of these, but RunKeeper has found the “secret sauce” to best leverage the opportunity. With its HealthGraph effort, RunKeeper is fast becoming the method all of these many devices uses to talk to each other in the same language.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Vitogo! However, we’re actually not a logging service. Vitogo creates a tailored workout program and coaches you through it, just like a personal trainer would.