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RIM’s plan B: hope for iOS, Android security flaws

When the first big security flaw even happens in one of the large enterprises, you will see this turn around. Wait for the day this happens.

So says RIM’s new CEO, Thorsten Heins, as both iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog) devices are invading enterprises, the longtime realm of the BlackBerry. While there is a lack of curation in the Android Market, which has led to some security scares, the security of both iOS and Android are clearly good enough for enterprises. Each has added enterprise-grade encryption and device management over the past few years.

As that has happened, RIM (s rimm) has refused to mature its aging platform and interface, and some enterprises have simply moved on. A big security flaw could indeed shake confidence in the alternatives to a BlackBerry, but then again, RIM has had its own share of issues that don’t instill stability: Multiday service outages, although rare, won’t win over new business in the enterprise.

2 Responses to “RIM’s plan B: hope for iOS, Android security flaws”

  1. Excellent strategy there, pray that the public overreacts to an inevitable hiccup by the competition. Keep this up an RIMM will lose an 80% of in the next 3 years.

    These large enterprises are well aware of the potential for holes. Hence the interest in containerized solutions like Goodlink. When a breach does happen, it will be a question of finding the next best iOS/Android solution, not feeling backward by generations in terms of performance and functionality by firing the BES back up.