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iWatch 2 concept is the iPod nano of the wearable computer age

I often wear an iPod nano (s aapl) as a watch, but with Android (s goog) wrist-top devices that offer more functionality hitting the market, it’s feeling a little behind the times these days. Something like Antonio De Rosa’s new iWatch2 concept design is much more in keeping with what I’d expect Apple to offer in the near future of wearable computing devices.

Like the iPhone SJ concept before it, De Rosa’s iWatch 2 (which is itself a refresh of an older iWatch design) looks like something that you could easily imagine gracing the desk of Apple design guru Jony Ive at this very moment: It has the aluminum and glass appeal of the iPhone 4 and 4S, along with an on-screen UI that looks convincingly iOS inspired.

De Rosa says the watch’s imaginary specs include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the latter to provide a steady feed of data from a connected iPhone or iPad, along with a standalone RSS reader and front-facing camera. He also adds an LCD projector to the list, because why not?

While I don’t expect to see anything quite so feature-rich come out of Cupertino, I do think De Rosa is on the right track; an Apple-created connected watch would no doubt have similar good looks, a minimum of buttons and the ability to connect to iOS devices to grab and display information feeds. But Apple also is notorious for keeping its product lines tight, so such a device, which would admittedly probably have limited appeal initially (will iPhone buyers really want to spend an additional $200+ for what’s essentially a secondary display?) likely isn’t a top priority.

Regardless of what Apple actually has planned in the way of wearable wrist-top computing, I still want this concept to fly out of my dreams and on to my wrist. What about you?

7 Responses to “iWatch 2 concept is the iPod nano of the wearable computer age”

  1. All it needs to take over is GPS that can track runs and an additional ability to track heart rate either through a chest strap or on the wrist itself. Then when your on a run and tracking the run with GPS you can bluetooth your music and track your heart rate as well as read texts in mid stride and see if its important enough for a reply at the time. I know I track all my runs with my Phone and I am on the edge of buying a MotoActv but if the watch was here and did the same thing then you know what choice I would make.

  2. ThIs is exactly what I have wanted for years now. It fits the look that so many people can not grasp. I live the concept,design, look. I want one, and honestly would not mind two, but also wouldnt mind paying for it. The reason being is that I, like most who want a sleek yet huge watch time piece on their wrist, are going to pay $400-700 to accomplish this awesome look. Now add all the features that would come with the Iwatch. Love love love love love love to have one.

  3. OMG that thing is way too ugly to be even a concept of what apple could do. Slide to unlock? Why? It’s been given three physical buttons? Again I have to ask? Why? What’s that thing on the left?

    Why is there no permanent time display? You think apple will produce a watch that doesn’t tell you the time all the time? Okay, maybe.

    But the worst bit? The sharp edges on the strap that stick out when it’s worn but give a sleek profile when it’s on your desk. Wrong!

  4. What these things need is 3G. Then the phone is redundant and u can use whatever earthing you want. Or a tablet and a watch instead. Makes more sense. Make that the connectivity device. And build on top of it.