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Facebook’s users have shared 5B songs since F8

Music has exploded on Facebook ever since the network opened up its social graph at its f8 developer conference four months ago: Users in 50 countries have shared more than five billion songs in these four months, Facebook’s vice president of partnerships Dan Rose said at the music industry conference Midem in Cannes, France Monday.

Rose said that one of the interesting things about the integration of music services like Spotify has been that more often that not, lesser-known bands show up in the Top 100 of most-shared acts. “It’s not reinforcing the same songs that everyone listens to,” he said.

He also explained that enhanced sharing functionalities have brought in some additional revenue on other levels as well. One example: Ticketmaster makes an additional $5 of incremental revenue every time someone shares on Facebook that he has just bought a concert ticket, according to Rose.

6 Responses to “Facebook’s users have shared 5B songs since F8”

  1. This is crap! I was having songs post even though I opted out of sharing TWICE! This is invasion of privacy at it’s worst. Even though you opt out, it still posts what you are listening to. I DO NOT want anyone to know what ‘m listening to, but I have a feeling it will just show up once again when I log on. These stats are not an indication of people actually sharing, but rather probably 99% of the automatic sharing when people really don’t want to share in the first place!