Analyst Estimates Amazon Has Sold 6 Million Kindle Fires

Given Amazon’s reluctance to disclose hard numbers regarding the number of Kindles it has sold and the interest in the Kindle Fire as a tablet competitor, we’re left with estimates that hopefully used some sort of scientific method. One Wall Street analyst thinks he has a number.

Stifel Nicolas’ Jordan Rohan put out a research note Sunday (spotted by AllThingsD) with an estimate that Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) sold 6 million Kindle Fires during the holiday season. Amazon’s take on an Android tablet has probably made the most impact among consumers looking for iPad alternatives, mostly because of its price tag, but Amazon has consistently danced around providing actual shipment totals for its Kindle division.

The company would only say that it had sold “millions” of the Kindle Fire in announcing post-holiday “numbers,” but it seems pretty likely that the Kindle Fire is faring much better than the Motorola (NYSE: MMI) Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or BlackBerry Playbook in the market. Amazon releases its quarterly earnings tomorrow, which gives the company an opportunity for clarification that they will most likely decline.