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Yahoo kills a bunch of mobile apps you’ve never used

Yahoo (s YHOO) is cleaning house on the mobile product side, announcing Friday that it is “decommissioning” a long list of mobile apps.

Apps that will no longer be supported include winners like Yahoo! Meme and Yahoo Mim (say what?), as well as some more general mobile apps like Yahoo Answers for Android (s GOOG) and Yahoo Deals for iPhone. (s AAPL) Unfortunately, Yahoo! Sketch-a-search, which I didn’t even know was a thing before today, is also getting the axe. (You can see the full list on the official announcement.)

Somewhat paradoxically, Yahoo is pitching its non-support of these apps as part of its “mobile first” mindset. But for anyone paying attention, this could be part of a big step forward for Yahoo as it transitions under new CEO Scott Thompson.

Over at Google, (s GOOG) CEO Larry Page calls this strategy putting more wood behind fewer arrows. For a company like Yahoo, which has been somewhat stymied by a lack of innovation, it makes sense to kill off products that consumers aren’t using and double down on those linked to its core properties, like Yahoo Mail, Messenger and Flickr, as well as applications like IntoNow where it can introduce disruptive new technology.

4 Responses to “Yahoo kills a bunch of mobile apps you’ve never used”

  1. I wonder why Yahoo never pushed its products better. Why don’t they have a simple mobile site? Why do they not have a gmail like app? Why isnt Yahoo Maps as ubiquitous on mobiles as Google Maps? Why is Yahoo not pushing its online doc and productivity suite (its Zoho, isn’t it?)??? Why aren’t there more mashups with Flickr? Why doesn’t Yahoo buy WebOS? Why is there no Flickr for Video? Pewrhaps video shot on DSLRS? Why is Yahoo behavibg like an old economy company?