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Video look: Asus Transformer Prime and keyboard dock

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I don’t have sales figures, but based on buzz and reader commentary, the Asus Transformer was a pretty popular Android tablet in 2011. It’s a new year though and Asus has kicked things up a notch at CES with the Transformer Prime and Nvidia’s Tegra 3(s nvda) processor. The Tegra 3 is a quad-core chip with a fifth core for light tasks, which helps battery life. And there are a dozen GPU cores as well, which makes for the best gaming on a tablet I’ve seen yet.

Here’s a quick look at the Transformer Prime, which now runs on Google’s(s goog) latest version of Android: 4.0.3, or Ice Cream Sandwich. The tablet can run for up to 12 hours on its own, but the keyboard dock option adds another 8 or more hours, making for an all-day tablet. The keyboard is quite usable; similar to the keyboards on Asus netbooks, and docking the tablet adds a mouse pointer on screen. My initial thoughts on the trackpad are mixed: It works but isn’t quite as smooth as I’d like.

A full review will follow, but for now, enjoy a tour of the thin and light hardware, as well as some browsing, high-definition video viewing, gaming with an Xbox(s msft) controller and a highlight of some Asus customizations. I’m curious if this tablet and keyboard combo can replace a laptop for people with minimal traditional computing needs.

9 Responses to “Video look: Asus Transformer Prime and keyboard dock”

  1. Sidarth Dasari

    I have the TF101 and I have to say its replaced my laptop for most in class use. I usually take notes in evernote or use ez pdf reader to annotate pdfs. Lots of professors post pdf versions of their slides so being able to annotate directly onto those is very handy.
    Its not at all good at intensive word processing. The polaris office suite is functional, but barely with some bugs which can delete a line or two on text. I really haven’t found a good word processor yet