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Apple shareholders are going long [Infographic]

Apple(s aapl) reported some very impressive financial results on Tuesday, setting new records in terms of its revenue, profit and items sold for its first financial quarter of 2012. And according to Apple’s current record-high market cap of more than $400 billion, the old Wall Street adage of “buy on the rumor, sell on the news” did not hold true in this case.

That’s also reflected by new research out of online portfolio manager SigFig. The site tracks more than $25 billion in its clients’ assets, and SigFig says its users are four times as likely to hold Apple in their portfolios than any other stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, so the company had a nice pool of data to tap into to analyze activity around Apple’s earnings release.

One interesting thing they discovered is that just five percent of SigFig users who own Apple actually trade it on earning days. And of that small portion that does trade the stock, the majority of activity — 60 percent — is on the buy side. According to SigFig, that could mean that these investors see Apple as a long-term holding.

SigFig put all the data into a handy infographic, which is embedded below (click to enlarge):

3 Responses to “Apple shareholders are going long [Infographic]”

  1. 60% are buying and only 40% are selling.
    Where is the stock coming from?
    Someone has to sell the shares or else there are no shares available for purchase. It is a zero sum game.

  2. Nice graphic and all, but isn’t it 2012 already? The Infographic is already using date 3 months old and already totally out of date in light of Apple’s quarterly results yesterday.