Motorola Adds iPhone 4S, iCloud, To List Of Products It Says Hit Patents

The smartphone patent wars may never end. Motorola (NYSE: MMI) fired a round Wednesday with a new lawsuit against Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), declaring that the iPhone 4S and iCloud infringe its patents and creating another venue in which the iOS versus Android argument can take place.

Six patents were involved in Motorola’s complaint (embedded below), which is the second lawsuit it has filed against Apple in Florida. The complaint says the usual things, informing the judge that Apple is a very very bad company and that an injunction should be placed on sales of the iPhone 4S.

This legal mess shows no signs of winding down peacefully any time soon, despite the vast expenditures on both sides for attacking and defending the products and the patents. Apple has little to show for its legal efforts in the U.S. against Android partners, although it has been more successful in Europe.

Anything involving Motorola is a little more interesting, however, because Google (NSDQ: GOOG) would like to wrap up its purchase of the company within the next few months. Google is directly involved in only one of the many cases against Android; the one filed by Oracle. Otherwise, Android partners have been on their own defending themselves against Apple as well as Microsoft’s licensing demands.

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