Apple’s after-hours stock surge makes it most valuable U.S. company


Following Apple’s (s aapl) release of record numbers in terms of revenue, profit and product sold for its first financial quarter of 2012, its stock value rose quickly in after-hours trading. As of this writing, share value has climbed to around $452, or more than 32 points higher than at close, which translates to a market cap of roughly $421 billion.

Apple has previously topped the most valuable U.S. company by market cap, Exxon (s xom), on other occasions but if the stock surge sticks, it will now be ahead of Exxon by around $3 billion to $4 billion. Apple’s quarterly profit of $13 billion is the second-highest reported figure on record from a U.S. company, surpassed only by Exxon in 2008, which boasted a $14.8 billion quarter.


Ram Kanda

Is there another company outside of the US that is more valuable or does this mean Apple is no.1 in the world?

Elliott Bolzan

I believe Apple and Exxon share the world’s two top spots.

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