Video: Cloud gaming on the iPad with OnLive

I recently noted that virtualization and remote computer access would help transform the computing industry and several companies are trying to make that vision a reality. OnLive is among this group; most recently with its iPad app that remotely connects to Windows applications on cloud servers. Mobile productivity is great, but mobile gaming is far more fun!

Here’s a look at the upcoming iOS OnLive gaming client on my iPad, along with the $49.99 OnLive Game Controller, which works over Bluetooth or USB.

The service also works on and is available for Windows (s msft) PCs, Mac OS X(s aapl) computers and Google Android(s goog) devices; I’ve tested it on my MacBook Air and Galaxy Nexus phone, for example. Service quality has been great over Wi-Fi — I have  a 25 Mbps FiOS connection — and I’ve even had some playtime over 3G. However, this type of cloud service runs best with a stable, reliable pipe, so a spotty mobile broadband connection isn’t optimal in my opinion.