LunaTik Antik review: An accessory for your iPod nano accessory

iPod nano (s aapl) watch bands are pretty common now, with multiple companies introducing more and more models for Apple’s tiny touchscreen media player. But Scott Wilson’s Minimal design studio is trying something a little different. It’s taking the iPod nano out of the equation completely with its new line of Antik watch modules.

The Antik is a nano-shaped quartz time-keeper that comes in one of five distinct flavors. The idea is that you can use your nano-compatible watch bands without the iPod, should you like the design of the wrist-mounts but not the downsides of limited battery life and screens that require a button-press to read. The Antik is cheaper than a nano, too, at $69.95.

I was initially hoping the Antik would work in all my iPod nano watch band accessories, especially the Deckster, but alas. the protective glass covering the watch face protrudes a bit farther on the Antik than it does on the iPod. Likely that won’t be a problem for a lot of accessories, but the only bands it’s guaranteed to work with are the TikTok, LunaTik and LYNK models made by Minimal. Since those are some of the best nano watch bands available, that’s really only a small flaw.

The Antik has no date; features a simple, two-hand design, with a nice cut-out effect for the numbering; and is water-resistant to 30 meters, which is definitely not true of your nano. The designs for the shipping product were chosen by Minimal shoppers, and come in both black and silver finishes to match your band of choice. The black is real black, too, unlike the finish on Apple’s graphite nano, so it’ll better match black wristbands.

All the face designs are better looking than the virtual ones provided by Apple on the nano, in my opinion. And while the idea of wearing an iPod as a watch is still likely to be the primary factor driving nano watch band accessory sales, the idea of a relatively cheap, modular watch face and case system definitely means Minimal’s LunaTik brand has legs to outlast Apple’s notoriously mercurial design tastes when it comes to its iPods.